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Kyle Van Deusen

Kyle Van Deusen

The Admin Bar

After spending 15 years as a graphic designer and earning a business degree, I launched my agency, OGAL Web Design, in 2017. A year later, after finding the amazing community around WordPress, I co-found The Admin Bar, which has grown to become the #1 community for WordPress professionals. I'm a husband and proud father of three, and a new resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Animated tooltip in GenerateBlocks cover image

Creating Animated Tooltips in GenerateBlocks

I recently found myself in a position where I needed to add some tooltips for more …

taco email

How I got a 🌮 as my email address

As a designer, developer, or just through the entrepreneurial spirit, I bet you’ve had some random …

build it with blocks

Build it with Blocks — WaveApps.com

In this live event, I shared my process for building (or in this case, rebuilding) sites …

blog cover

Voted The Best WordPress Community!

It’s official — the results have been tallied, and The Admin Bar has been voted The …

15 hidden gems 01

15 Free Hidden Gem Design and Development Resources

As designers and developers, we use a lot of tools — and we especially love the …

never again

I’m telling myself “NEVER AGAIN!”

How many times have you said to yourself “I’ll never make that mistake again!”, only to …


Accountability is the Catalyst for Progress

If you’re like most agency owners, you have a laundry list of things you know you …

screen recording 11 26 2021 at 6.25 am

Scrolling Image Effect with GenerateBlocks

The full-length screenshots of websites we’ve created are great — but having a giant, skinny image …

done today

“Done Today”

This week I added a new “view” inside my Airtable base I use for managing all …

sell me your car

Don’t try to sell me a car

I drive a hunk of junk.  The check engine light constantly comes on and goes off randomly. …

what's on the menu

What’s on the menu?

The more I think about having “packages” for website builds, the more it makes sense — …

if i won the lotto

If I Won the Lottery

I don’t buy lottery tickets often, but every now and then (when the jackpot is big …