Live Events

Live interviews and workshops with experts from all across the world of WordPress.

What’s New in Perfmatters

What's New in Perfmatters?

Learn about all the new features, updates, and possibilities with an update from the plugin's co-founder, Brian Jackson!

InstaWP Webinar

Test, Build, & Deploy Websites with Ease

Join us to explore InstaWP, a game-changer for your WordPress workflow. Uncover how you can save time, reduce stress, and streamline web development during our live demo on July 28th.

HIPAA video

Navigating HIPAA Compliance

Unlock the secrets of HIPAA compliance on July 6th! Don't miss our expert Paul Stoute as he guides web designers through the maze of regulations, saving you from potential pitfalls


Choosing the Right Host For YOUR Needs

With so many options, how can you even decide?

Kevin Powell talks WordPress

Kevin Powell Talks WordPress!

What we can learn from a master front end developer

Optimizing live with Brian Jackson from Perfmatters

Optimizing Live with Perfmatters

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Brian uses Perfmatters on live websites!

TAB Teardown Promotional image with portraits of Kyle Van Deusen and Dave Foy.

New TAB Site Teardown

How any why I rebuilt The Admin Bar website with GenerateBlocks (Featuring Dave Foy)


Hiring Your First VA

When You Should, and What You Should Know


The GenerateWay

A live interview with Tom Usborne

Proper Headings

Proper Headings

9 Out of 10 Web Developers Get This Wrong!


The Truth About Accessibility Overlays

Why you should avoid them and opt for best-practices instead


How to Configure Perfmatters

A setting-by-setting walkthrough with the plugin's author!