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About The Admin Bar

The who, what, when, where, and why behind the internet's #1 WordPress community

What Is The Admin Bar?

The Admin Bar (or ‘TAB’ as most of us refer to it) is a community of digital freelancers and agency owners who come together to ask questions, share knowledge, offer support, and help one another succeed.


September 2018




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Kyle Van Deusen

What are we up to?

How’d This Get Started?

Not long after starting my agency (completely in isolation), I met a fellow agency owner Matt Sebert. We hit it off, and before long we we’re messaging and talking daily.

It wasn’t noticeable right away, but as we started to look back we realized that it was right around the time we met that both of our businesses took off.

It wasn’t any kind of special magic, it was simply due to the fact that we were learning lessons not only from our own victories and defeats — but because we were learning from what each other was doing.

Some days it was just the gut check on a client that had exhibited a few red flags… Other times it was checking over our proposals or lending a second pair of eyes on our work before we sent it to clients for review.

Whatever it was, it worked — and we started to wonder if it could scale.

On September 12th, 2018 The Admin Bar was born.

What started as invites to just a few of the freelancers and agencies we’ve met along the way turned into thousands from all across the globe.

We’ve produced hundreds of podcasts, YouTube videos, articles, & live events in an effort to help our fellow agency owners (and ourselves!) connect with the products, lessons, and strategies to help push our agencies forward.

I hope you’ll join us!


Kyle Van Deusen

OGAL Web Design

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