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Prospect Pipeline Challenge

A 3-week immersive challenge that will gamify the lead generation process and help fill your prospect pipeline.

Ever wonder where your next job is going to come from?

If you’re like most agencies, you let the work come to you.

That sounds great (in theory), but what it actually means is you have little to no control over both the quantity and quality of leads in your pipeline.

This often leads to taking on bad-fit projects just to pay the bills.

It’s not a fun place to be… And it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Prospect Pipeline Challenge will help you take control of the quality and number of leads coming into your business by making prospecting a daily habit that will fill your prospect pipeline.

Works for agencies of all sizes

Gamified system to boost motivation

All the tools & systems you need included

Create long-term habits to fuel your business

Takes just minutes out of your day

Begin filling your pipeline on day one!

Here’s How it Works…

Each day of your challenge, you’ll be responsible for racking up a minimum number of points. To earn points, you’ll have to meet specific objectives that correspond with the prospecting and sales process.

I’ll send you reminders, tips, and motivation to keep making progress towards your goal.

If you beat the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a pipeline full of new prospects — but better than that, you’ll have created a daily habit to continue feeding your business on a day-to-day basis.

Video tutorial & overview

Challenge scorecard

Daily tips, strategies, & resources

Daily accountability & motivation

See what Noah had to say about the challenge…

Noah took the Prospect Pipeline Challenge and integrated it into his Agency X-Ray system to help motivate himself during the sales process!

Let’s Get Started!

Sign up using the form below and I’ll give you instant access to your Challenge Scorecard and provide you with video tutorials to get started.

But wait — there’s something you should understand first…

The Prospect Pipeline Challenge won’t solve all your problems — this is not a magic pill. The challenge is a way to give you a system for tracking your progress, motivation to make it a daily priority, and strategies and techniques that others have found useful. 

Ultimately, you’re responsible for your success — and you’ll have to put in the work in order to succeed.

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of digital products, refunds are not available. If you are unhappy with your purchase, reach out to me and I’ll do everything I can to help you succeed. 


“This challenge really lit a fire under my ass to take a hard look at the business and decide if I was happy with just getting referrals / living the feast or famine lifestyle, or if I wanted to build something amazing… I chose amazing!

Sheila Heard