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Accountability is the Catalyst for Progress

Dec 03, 2021

By: Kyle Van Deusen

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If you’re like most agency owners, you have a laundry list of things you know you need to get done for your business…

Narrowing down on your niche, documenting your processes, creating a productized offering, re-designing your website, creating content — the list goes on and on.

But the squeaky wheel gets the grease — and clients are like a chorus of cockatiels!

It’s too easy to put your own needs on the back-burner in favor of your clients’ never-ending requests.

And so, we’ll work on our stuff “tomorrow”.

We think we’re being nice by prioritizing our clients… And while that might be true, we’re often being nice at the expense of making progress in our own business.

When you’re at the top of the organizational chart (like most of us business owners are), there’s no one there to hold you accountable for making your business a priority too.

After having hosted 100 weekly TABLE meetings, accountability has stuck out as the single biggest catalyst for progress for just about everyone involved.

During our calls each week, we go around the room and everyone has to put in their goal (or goals) for the upcoming week. And each week we follow up on the goals everyone listed out the week before.

It’s such a simple thing, but knowing you’re going to be asked about your progress makes it ten-times harder to push it aside.

Not because the rest of the group will hold your feet to the fire (though sometimes we do!), but because you don’t want to show up and admit you didn’t do what you said you would.

And just like “magic” you start making time to work on your business.

Accountability does some really important things…

  • It helps accelerate your performance
  • It helps you measure your progress
  • It keeps you engaged
  • It holds you responsible
  • It validates your thoughts and ideas

It doesn’t have to be TABLE (though if you’re interested, applications are open with a few spots coming available in January), it can be as partnering up with a friend and having a weekly check-in.

Seeing the progress I’ve seen from TABLE members has convinced me there’s no better way to accomplish your goals than to be accountable for them.

Something to think about as start planning for the new year.

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Kyle Van Deusen

Kyle is the co-host of The Admin Bar, the owner of a agency of one called OGAL Web Design and the co-founder of Docket WP. You’ll likely find him trolling The Admin Bar community.

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