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Login Credentials Blog Post

How to Share Login Credentials with Your Clients

You have probably heard about the importance of password management, but did you know that you can easily help your clients protect their passwords as well?

Jackson Gartner

A computer taking money from a human

Step-By-Step Web Design Sales Process (with email templates)

The objective of this process is to qualify a new lead and take them from opportunity to paid discovery, to open project.

Kyle Van Deusen

A crash test dummy sitting at a computer with his hands on the keyboard

Free Website Testing Tools for Web Developers

A collection of tools to help you test your website projects and find ways to improve your build quality.

Kyle Van Deusen

best plugins feat

Best WordPress Plugins You've Never Heard Of

The best lesser-known plugins from the WordPress repo

Kyle Van Deusen

accessibility copywriting

How To Write Accessible Website Copy

One of the most overlooked aspects of accessibility is website copy. It’s not just the design, layout, & features of your website, the copy has to be accessible too.

Abby Wood

best tools

The Best Free Tools & Resources for Agencies

A crowdsourced database of the best free online tools, utilities, & resources for website designers and developers.

Kyle Van Deusen

questions to ask

Questions To Ask a Contractor Before Hiring Them

If you’re hiring a freelancer or contractor for your project, fit is everything. Get the right freelancer for the job with these thought-provoking questions.

Abby Wood

tab infographic feat 01

2022 WordPress Agency Survey

In March 2022, we put together an anonymous survey for all of our community members to …

Kyle Van Deusen


What do web agencies use for the H1 on their home page?

A few weeks back I was talking to one of my buddies in the group who …

Kyle Van Deusen

education over sales

Education Over Sales

This post is an excerpt from our newsletter, The Friday Chaser. Subscribe and get content like …

Kyle Van Deusen

a baby sitting up playing with blocks with Kyle Van Deusen's head superimposed on the baby

My Tech Stack for Block-Based Websites

A list of the tools I'm using to develop lightning-fast block-based websites.

Kyle Van Deusen

Perfmatters settings

How to Configure Perfmatters for Better Performance

A quick reference guide on how to configure the Perfmatters plugin

Kyle Van Deusen

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