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I’m a sucker for a good freebie— and who doesn’t like free stuff? I’ve been collecting opt-ins, lead magnets, and other awesome freebies ever since I started my web career.  Of course, …

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I'm a sucker for a good freebie— and who doesn't like free stuff?

I've been collecting opt-ins, lead magnets, and other awesome freebies ever since I started my web career.  Of course, some are better than others.

Well, it dawned on me recently that it would be awesome to have a place where everyone can access the best-of-the-best free opt-ins all in one place— right?

So here you go— and ever-growing and curated list of awesome freebies that are perfect for web designers and developers, like you!

Keep in mind, for all of these freebies you'll need to opt-in with your email address. It's a small price to pay for some of this great content— and you just never know how these folks may be able to help you (so you don't have to immediately unsubscribe, k?)

My Favorite Freebies

The Website Discovery Workbook

By Agency Trailblazer
Website Discovery Workbook

Win better web projects using these essential questions.

In order to charge the right price and to deliver your client's dream website there are some essential questions you need to ask. These questions help you identify their needs, negotiate a budget that works for everyone and increase your chances of conversion.

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WordPress Website Launch Checklist

By Docket WP
Wordpress Website Checklist

Make launch day stress-free with this battle-tested WordPress Launch Checklist from the creators of Docket WP! Includes complete documentation of each step!

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Done-for-You Email Newsletter Samples

By Nurture Copy
Done For You Email Samples

Download 2 email newsletter samples from Nurture Copy that you can send to your list right away for free!

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SEO Any Webpage Email Course

By Pete Everitt
Seo Any Web Page
Receive everything you need to perform great on-page SEO for ANY page of your website – directly in your inbox!

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User Profiles Worksheet

By The Admin Bar
The User Profiles Worksheet

A Dead-Simple Solution for Helping Clients Plan Their Priority Website Content.

For a small brochure site (or one you’re not paying to develop content for) most client avatar exercises are too complicated. This worksheet helps you determine the priority content quickly and painlessly.

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Free Set of Auto-Updating Website Policies

By Termageddon
Free Set Of Website Policies

Each set of policies includes an auto-updating Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and more!

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101 WordPress Tips & Tools eBook

By Kitchen SInk WP
101 Wp Tips

Pretty self-explanatory.

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Opt-in in a timed pop-up

Landing Page Hot Tips

By Rob Hope
Landing Page Hot Tips

Spend the next 100 days receiving tips for improving your landing page design and strategy. One actionable Hot Tip per email— unsubscribe any time.

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Create Your Personal Brand Marketing Strategy

By Jim Galiano
Personal Brand

3-Systems | 1-Strategy | No BS | Start Today

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Onboarding Sequence Templates

By Jason Resnick
Onboarding Sequence Templates

8 onboarding emails to send to brand new clients in the first 2 months of working together.

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GMB Ranking Framework

By Local Viking
Gmb Ranking

Get a true A-Z masterclass in ranking your GMBs without spending countless hours browsing blogs and forums, overspending on courses that teach generic strategies, or listening to rehashed “last years” tactics that just are not working any longer

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Understanding & Selling Accessible Websites

By Creative Boost
Accessible Websites

In this free guide, Understanding and Selling Accessible Websites, you’ll learn:

  • the basics and benefits about website accessibility,
  • how to talk about it with clients and address their objections, and
  • what you can do right now to start helping your client and yourself.

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Raise Your Prices (and keep your customers)

By Mike Killen
Raise Your Prices

Raise your prices 20% today with our email template. Swipe our email template plus bonus email to sell to customers who are unhappy.

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5 Productivity Systems to Save 25+ Hours Every Month

By Jimmy Rose
Productivity Systems

Sign up to Jimmy’s productivity and automation newsletter to learn how to get more productive and automate your business to create more free time.

He’ll send you his guide on the systems you can use to save 25+ hours every month

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Personal Branding Worksheet

By The Futur
Personal Branding Worksheet The Futur

A great resources for yourself or for your clients. Does your personal brand reflect who you need to be in order to reach your professional goals? If you don’t know, use this worksheet to learn about yourself and find out.

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30 Days of Content Inspiration

By Wunderstars
Content Inspiration

Over 30 content ideas you can easily adapt to create standout social media posts in no time!

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7 UI Fixes

By Design for Geeks
7 Ui Fixes

With this free guide you’ll learn the 7 most basic graphic interface fixes for better UX that most websites ignore.

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8 Homepage Fundamentals for Web Agencies

By Umbrella Digital Media

homepage fundamentals

Get actionable steps to help your clients turn their prospects into clients.

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Did I miss something awesome?

Know of a great opt-in or freebie that I left off my list? I wanna know about it!

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