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2022 WordPress Agency Survey

In March 2022, we put together an anonymous survey for all of our community members to ask them questions about their revenue, and various focuses (including accessibility, SEO, hosting, etc.). You can …

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Things Your Copywriter Wishes You Knew

Just like web developers and digital agencies, copywriters often run into two different types of clients: the good clients and the bad clients.  Now that’s not to say ‘bad’ clients are ‘bad’ …

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Agency Sales Framework (with Cliff Almeida)

Cliff Almeida joins us to share his Agency Sales Framework and how he’s used this exact process (from incoming lead to sale) to close millions of dollars of business in his agency. …

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Finding Leads (with Pete Everitt)

In a recent poll in the group, I asked the question “How often are you going out and proactively looking for leads?”. The vast majority (a whopping 84%!) said that they are “rarely” or …

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How to Find New Web Design Clients

While we don’t claim to know all the answers, Kyle and I have had some incredibly smart guests on our podcast and I’ve gathered together each one of these here (in no particular order) in this post along with the major takeaways from each episode if a TLDR fits your busy schedule a bit better.