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Kyle Van Deusen

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After spending 15 years as a graphic designer and earning a business degree, I launched my agency, OGAL Web Design, in 2017. A year later, after finding the amazing community around WordPress, I co-found The Admin Bar, which has grown to become the #1 community for WordPress professionals. I'm a husband and proud father of three, and a new resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Performance Implications of GenerateBlocks New Features

I put the new accordion and tabs blocks from GenerateBlocks to the test to find out how they will impact your website’s performance.

Author Bio Popup

Dynamic Author Bio Popup

A nifty little solution to create a dynamic author bio popup using GenerateBlocks!

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My Optimized WordPress Tech Stack for 2023

My tech stack for 2023 is all about simplicity and reliability — in this video I’ll show you how I’ve achieved that.

Hello Notion

Goodbye Messy Google Docs, Hello Notion

How Notion docs (and databases) are completely erasing my reliance on Google Docs.

Build Pages Faster

Create Pages Faster Than Ever (with TextExpander)

Paste entire layouts into the WordPress editor using TextExpander snippets!

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Spice Up Your Mobile Menu Design

Transform your mobile menus from boring to bad-ass with these simple tweaks!

Squeeze Performance (1)

3 Ways to Squeeze More Performance out of GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks

Get even better performance out of GP/GB (without any plugins!)

5 Block Editor Secrets (1)

The Block Editor: 5 Things You Might Not Know

5 ways to improve your workflow, eliminate plugins, and make block-building more enjoyable!

Fathom Discount

$10 Off Fathom Analytics

Get Fathom Analytics best (and only!) discount — $10 off your first month — by using our link.

A computer taking money from a human

Step-By-Step Web Design Sales Process (with email templates)

The objective of this process is to qualify a new lead and take them from opportunity to paid discovery, to open project.

A crash test dummy sitting at a computer with his hands on the keyboard

Free Website Testing Tools for Web Developers

A collection of tools to help you test your website projects and find ways to improve your build quality.

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Best WordPress Plugins You’ve Never Heard Of

The best lesser-known plugins from the WordPress repo