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TextExpander is another one of my favorite tools. I use it to store things like email addresses, URLs, canned emails, software licenses, and (of course) emojis. With my assigned keyboard shortcuts I insert those snippets anywhere in seconds.
$3.33 - $10.83mo

Kiwi for Gmail

Communication, , Productivity

I have to constantly manage 4 different inboxes, and while there are a lot of tools that handle this, I just love Kiwi for Gmail. It’s nothing fancy, and doesn’t have any bells and whistles — but it works great and never gives me any problems or slows my computer down.
$30 - $58.99yr


Automation, CRM, Financial, Productivity, Project Management

I’m both ashamed and proud to say that I have just about 100 Airtable databases — and they do everything for me. But my most robust base is the one I build for project management and as a CRM. This handles all my customers, projects, and tasks, and is loaded with all kinds of native automations.
Free / $10 - $20mo