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Nurture Copy

Communication, Content Creation

Nurture Copy is a monthly service that provides email copy that agencies can send out to their clients as part of their weekly/monthly newsletter. As a subscription, each month you get access to new emails (4, 6, or 8 depending on your subscription) that are professionally written and ready for immediate publication. Of course, you can always tweak and edit the emails to match your tone of voice or writing style.
$29 - $79/mo



I spend, at minimum, 5-hours per week on video calls — and Zoom is my go-to. Meetings rarely have issues, I can record locally or to the cloud, I can livestream directly from the app, and it integrates perfectly with my Google Calendar. I just wish I had bought stock in them before the pandemic!
Free / $149 - $250yr


Communication, Video Production

Loom is one of those tools that I don’t know how I ever lived without. Explaining technical things via text isn’t easy — but with Loom I can quickly record a video sharing my screen, my webcam or both and instantly have a link to share with anyone.
Free / $12.50mo

Kiwi for Gmail

Communication, , Productivity

I have to constantly manage 4 different inboxes, and while there are a lot of tools that handle this, I just love Kiwi for Gmail. It’s nothing fancy, and doesn’t have any bells and whistles — but it works great and never gives me any problems or slows my computer down.
$30 - $58.99yr