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No One Likes a Perfect Person

As business owners we put a lot of pressure on ourselves… Oftentimes, so much pressure that …

Kyle Van Deusen

hover card with generateblocks

Create a Hover Card with GenerateBlocks

In this tutorial, I'm going to provide you with the step by step instructions and the …

Kyle Van Deusen


Two Ways to Expand

If you’re getting overwhelmed with work, and needing to expand capacity, there are two routes most …

Kyle Van Deusen

sever icon with cloud

What to say to clients who insist on self-hosting

Web developers know that self hosting undermines website care plans and puts sites at risk. Here’s what to say to get clients to trust you with hosting.

Matthew Sebert

sticky sidebar with generate blocks – 1

Create a Sticky Sidebar with GenerateBlocks

In this video I do a quick walkthrough on how to create a sticky sidebar using …

Kyle Van Deusen

how do you do it

How Do You Do It?

During a TABLE call this week, we got off on the topic of creating a “our …

Kyle Van Deusen


They're Asking for Referrals

If you’ve ever worried that a disproportionate number of your leads come from referrals, then you’re …

Kyle Van Deusen

education on smartphone global education

Do you need a degree to be a web designer?

Do you even need a college degree to work as a web developer or designer? Well, that depends on the type of career you’re planning.

Kyle Van Deusen


My Trick to Avoid Overwhelm

I get overwhelmed pretty easily — especially at work. It’s always been this way for me… …

Kyle Van Deusen

textexpander – 1

One-on-One Training from the TextExpander Team

If you've not used TextExpander before, it's a simple productivity app (for Windows or Mac) that …

Kyle Van Deusen

33 perfecnt

33% of American's did what? 😳

I read a stat this week that was pretty shocking — it said that over 33% …

Kyle Van Deusen

debugging designs

Debugging Your Design

When we have our “developer hat” on, it’s natural to debug problems step by step. If …

Kyle Van Deusen