A Sneak Peek Inside SEOHive

The Admin Bar has hired SEOHive (https://theadminbar.com/seohive) to improve the SEO of our own website. They have agreed to allow us to share the entire processes with you. This post will be continually updated as we receive progress reports from SEOHive— so be sure to check back for the latest.

If you’d like to ask questions, or join in on the conversation, each update is being posted in our Facebook community along with commentary from SEOHive as well as questions from the community.

SEOHive Fixes TAB – Update #1

After signing up for SEOHive last week, today we received our “Initial SEO Audit” report.

Initial Audit Results.

After signing up for SEOHive last week, today we received our “Initial SEO Audit” report.
We signed up on April 1st, and our report came on April 8th. About 5 business days after registration.
Here’s what the email said:

Hey Kyle and Matt!

I hope you’re both well?

Here’s the link to your initial SEO Audit that we’ve carried out for you: https://auditor.[removed].com

Please note, this is just a statement of the current sit rep with your website – we haven’t done any work to it yet.

We’ll be in touch with an amended report when we’ve been in to your site and configured things how we need them.

Many thanks,
Pete & Jeff

Excited to see our report, I clicked the link and found the audit summary.
A lousy 50/100 😭
While we’ve paid almost NO attention to SEO on our website, I certainly didn’t think it would be that bad.
As I quickly browsed through some of the links, I see that a lot of the errors seem to be being caused by some Elementor popups— and I’m unsure of why this is happening.
My natural inclination would be to go in and start investigating all of these— but for the purposes of sharing this with you (and putting SEOHive to the test!) I’m just going to leave everything bee (ha! “bee”. Get it?)
The good news is that Pete Everitt and Jeffery Patch will have a LOT of work to do on our website.
While this is just the initial audit to share their findings with us, at this point they haven’t began any work. Basically, this is the benchmark.
I supplied SEOHive with a admin login to The Admin Bar website so they can begin their work.
Attached is an image of the report they performed. While I don’t want to share the link, note that all of the items on the list are links that go to further details about the errors they’ve found.
If Jeff or Pete want to add anything to this, please feel free to use the comments to do so
Next up they will be performing work to fix some of these errors (my guess is they will start with the most crucial ones and ones that are fixed quickly— just a guess)
For full transparency— yes, we do have an affiliate relationship with SEOHive, but we paid for our account. I attached a screenshot of the receipt of our payment as well.

SEOHive Fixes TAB – Update #2

Speed optimization results are in— and action has been taken!
(The Admin Bar has hired SEOHive (https://theadminbar.com/seohive) to improve the SEO of our own website. They have agreed to allow us to share the entire processes with you. This is an update).

Speed Optimization Results

Today (April 9th – 8 days after signing up (correction to my last update, I, in fact, signed up on April 2nd not 1st)) we received an email from SEOHive with before and after attachments of Pingdom tests as well as some context about the speed optimization they performed on our website as part of the onboarding process.
Here’s what the email said:

Hey Kyle,

As part of our optimisation process, we’ve been running some speed tests on your site – you can find a “before” and “after” comparison attached.

Whilst your site was working pretty darn quick to begin with, we still managed to knock off around 9% of the load speed and improved your performance grade from 71 to 83% – not bad, eh?

Also, we’ve optimised all the images on your site. We’ve achieved an average reduction of 69% in your file size. Part of this has contributed to your increased site speed.

Next, we’ll be sending you your pathway on-boarding form – this will be delivered through your online account and you’ll be notified when it’s ready for you.

Many thanks,

Pete & Jeff.

While speed is something we’ve worked on, it’s nice to see that they took a website that was already loading quickly and implemented their strategies to make it better— even if only marginally. I would imagine had we not put a lot of time into our speed scores, then this improvement would have been more dramatic.
But a win is a win! You’ll see the before and after screenshots they sent us (I just cropped them down to the important bits so they would be legible).

Lastly, there is one bit of information I failed to include in my first update.
I was also given access to a ClickUp board which is used as my Agency Dashboard. Since I only have one site in this account (and the other site is in my other account) I can only assume that you’d have this one Dashboard to manage and check out what’s going on with EACH of your projects in their own list.
Here’s a screenshot of the Agency Dashboard
Here’s what they said about the Agency Dashboard:

Hi Kyle,

This message is to let you know that your agency dashboard has been set up and we’ve created a convenient link to it in your account on SEOHive.co

You could also bookmark it, or get it tattooed somewhere. Though we can’t promise it won’t ever change in the future, so use your best judgement there.

We use ClickUp for our project management, so you should receive an invite to join our workspace any moment as well. Once accepted, you can access your dashboard through the ClickUp interface, or the previously mentioned link in your SEOHive account.

Long term, we don’t expect you to be active on there day-to-day, but we will be reaching out occasionally during onboarding and periodically if we need information or to go over anything in the future. Be sure to have your notifications on for things you’re tagged in or assigned so nothing slips through the tracks.

You’ll be able to see all the internal tasks we’re working on for your client sites. You’ll also find a messaging widget on your dashboard where you can drop our team a quick question or note. Do us a favor when you get in, and just send us a quick hello.


Pete & Jeff

The tattoo parlors are closed down here due to social distancing, so I had to settle for bookmarking the link.
The Dashboard is pretty neat— and it’s setup in a way I hadn’t seen in ClickUp before. User-friendly and a good place to just go check on the progress and communicate with the SEOHive team within tasks.

So, what’s next?

According to the email, next they will bee sending me my “Pathway On-boarding Form”. I’ll share that when it becomes available to me!

SEOHive Fixes TAB – Update #3

Our pathway onboarding begins!!

Pathway Onboarding

Today, April 14th 2020, we received a ClickUp notification from SEOHive that we needed to complete the Pathway Onboarding form (screenshot of the email attached).
The form itself is nice, looks to be a ClickUp form (which I’m sure makes it easy for them to integrate everything together— smart!).
I’ve attached a screenshot of the introduction to the form as well as a few of the questions they asked. Mostly about our important content, keywords that are important to us (and ones we want to avoid) our key products, and information about our intended audience.
Afterward I got a little “Thank You” for filling in the form— so I assume they got it!
We’ll update you again when we have more information from SEOHive!

SEOHive Fixes TAB – Update #4

The keyword research for our on-page pathway is now completed and ready for review!


I got an ClickUp notification email this morning (April 24th, 2020) from Pete letting me know that my keyword research was ready and that I needed to login to my dashboard to have a look (image of email included).


Inside my dashboard, Pete had sent me a couple of messages. I’ve included the images, and the text reads as follows:

Your keyword research is ready! Please see the PDF attached to this task!

There’s a whole load of angles we could go at with this – initially I realise we’re working on the on-page pathway, but there are literally TONNES of options when it comes to your site hierarchy and content creation.

Included in the task was a link to a pdf report.

Keyword Research Report

I opened up my keyword research report (which you can view here) and found a ENORMOUS list of keywords they had sourced for my project. This included the keyword, average search volume, keyword difficulty, cost per click and a relevancy column (yes/no).

I certainly wasn’t expecting something this thorough.  While I have done some keyword research myself (emphasis on the word “some”), I don’t think I’ve ever made a list quite this long.

Since I’m not an SEO expert like Pete, I’m going to assume this is proper, but it’s also where I’m going to have to completely rely on his expertise. It’s overwhelming for me to look at.

His instructions are for me to review the report and let him know if I need any changes.  I don’t think I will, because I don’t think I have anything valuable to offer here. If this is the list they suggest, then I suppose I’m happy with that!

So, what’s next?

Interestingly, in my notes from Pete inside the dashboard (which are listed above) he mentions that there are a lot of opportunities here, namely content creation.  My *hope* is that we can work on getting the on-page stuff in really good shape and that I will be able to do a lot of the content creation myself. Not that I’m capable of writing seo-focused content, but because out of the 3 pathways, the content creation one is where I think I can do the most myself.

Link building does interest me, however.

As far as what SEOHive will be doing next?  I’m not sure at this moment. I’m going to approve this list and see what happens next. I’ll update you as soon as I know!

SEOHive Fixes TAB – Update #5

Our first month is completed and our reports have arrived!


On Friday, May 1st I received 3 emails from SEOHive.

The first was our renewal notice and payment receipt to start month #2.

Next was our ‘Monthly Agency Overview Report’ and the ‘Monthly Client Overview Report’.

While it might seem confusing to get two reports, this is actually something I talked with Pete about previously.

A super-detailed report might be great for you, but it will probably be overwhelming to business owners. A ‘stripped down’ report would be better for your clients, but might leave you wondering about the details.

This is why SEOHive is providing 2 reports: you get the best of both worlds…

1. A detailed report so you can track the progress with a fine-toothed comb.

2. A ‘quick’ report that you can provide to your customer.

The agency report gives you all of the data (ours clocked in at 38 pages), while the client report strips away the details and only focuses on the important metrics your clients are likely interested in.

I, at least, think this is awesome and am appreciative that Pete took my suggestion and ran with it.

Both reports are branded with the client’s logo and website, however you’ll want to rename the files as they have included “SEOHive” in the filename (highlighted screenshot of the email and file name below).

I imagine this is something they will fix in the future (hope so anyway, I’ll never remember to change the filename!).

I’m sure you want to know what’s in the report right? No problem— here’s a link to each report exactly as they sent it to me (with our REAL numbers):

Agency Report

Client Report

What does this mean?

At this point, I’m not certain the metrics in here have much to do with the work SEOHive has done to this point (as we are just really getting underway).

The first month of services from SEOHive are part of the ‘onboarding’ process (which you can learn more about here) and while they did apply some changes to our site (specifically around performance optimization) the ‘real’ work hasn’t begun yet.

However, this report does clue me in as to what I can expect in the future and will serve as a nice ‘baseline’ for seeing how things progress in the future as they continue to make improvements to our website.

So, what’s next?

We are officially beginning “Month #2”, so now our chosen pathway (on-page) begins.

I’ll keep you updated with any developments!

SEOHive Fixes TAB – Update #6

What the hell is going on, Kyle?!


On May 19th we received an email notification from ClickUp that Jeffery had left a new comment:

It seems there was some confusion over how we had one of the Elementor single post templates setup to display a custom “404” type message on some outdated content (2019 Black Friday deals). Here’s one of those pages as an example: https://theadminbar.com/2019_black_friday/4-better-proposals/

Jeffery’s comment read:

@Kyle Van Deusen This isn’t content that’s hot & fresh obviously, but inspecting some errors led me down a rabbit hole with your 2019 black friday posts. How are you restricting that content & displaying the “Drats…” message?

Yes, I can see from an outside perspective how this would have been a little confusing.  In all honesty it was a duct tape solution for us to remove the deals from the website visibly, without having to remove all the content from the back end (so we could poach some things for 2020).

I ended up replying to him trying my best to explain:

Yeah, obviously this information is outdated, but I was scared to just “delete” it. Instead, I just edited the Elementor Theme Template that is set for the black friday posts. If I remember correctly there are actually TWO templates (one for Matt’s one for Mine).

Before those templates were set to dynamically display the content from the post (like a “Themer” template) but I just changed the template to say “Drats….” instead.

Does that make sense?

And I recorded him a quick video that would walk him through what I had done.

That’s it for updated #6

Not much else to report at this point.

Now that we are fully onboard with the On-Page Pathway, they are busy in the background working on things and will report to me at the end of the month.

Here’s what I’m currently seeing on the “to do” inside the dashboard:

Of course, I’ll be sharing those results right here— so stay tuned!

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Kyle is the co-host of The Admin Bar, and the owner of a company of one called OGAL Web Design just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. You’ll likely find him trolling The Admin Bar community.

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