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The Friday Email – Probably the World’s Greatest “Hack” with Nathan Ingram

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The Friday Email - Probably the World's Greatest "Hack" with Nathan Ingram

Nathan Ingram (coach, speaker, trainer, author, and agency owner) joins us to talk about the ‘Friday Email Strategy’ and how this simple, weekly email and drastically improve client communications and help give you your weekends back!

Nathan’s book, Dealing with Problem Clients, is chocked full of tips from his over 20 years experience designing and developing websites for clients. It’s a handy resource that’s never out of arm’s reach from my desk.

Nathan also shares with us his upcoming product: Monster Contracts which looks to be an amazing resource for implementing a rock-solid contract based around WordPress website development.


Monster Contracts: https://theadminbar.com/contract

Nathan Ingram’s Website: https://nathaningram.com/

Dealing with Problem Clients: https://www.amazon.com/Dealing-Problem-Clients-Friendly-Monsters/dp/1949289044

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