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Building a Complete Website in a Day

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Building a Complete Website in a Day

This weeks guest, Chantal Edouard-Betsy, had an agency just like the rest of us… doing a little bit of everything for everyone. Realizing the challenges that came along with that, she knew something needed to change. That’s when she launched ‘1 Day Webs’ and began building complete websites in just a day. Yes, ONE day and the project is done.

How is this possible?

How has it effected her business?

And who is this type of business model right for?

We discuss all that (and more) on this week’s episode. Even if building a website in a day doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, the she’s put in place to accomplish this are actually great no matter how long it takes you to get a project done (and they are sure to speed it up!).

Visit Chantal’s website.

See Chantal featured on the Agency Trailblazers podcast.

Learn more about Content First Design and how it can speed-up your web design and development projects.

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