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Our Biggest Takeaways & Ask Us Anything

A special week on The Admin Bar where Matt and Kyle look back at the biggest takeaways from the first 19 episodes (there has been some true gold!). AND we’re taking YOUR questions, so load them up and we’ll get through as many as possible!

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Kyle and Matt

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Our Biggest Takeaways & Ask Us Anything

A special week on The Admin Bar where Matt and Kyle look back at the biggest takeaways from the first 19 episodes (there has been some true gold!). AND we’re taking YOUR questions, so load them up and we’ll get through as many as possible!


Episode 2 – In-House Staff vs. Outsourcing w/ Chris Castillo & Paul Lacey

First episode with real life human beings, of course the start of TAB is worth mentioning. As for my favorite part, it was a little over half way in that Paul and Chris started to talk about finding the right folks that work best with your and your current team.


Episode 3 – High Performance Marketing Funnels w/ Dave Foy & Todd E. Jones

Tons of value bombs in this show, but the one thing that comes to my mind all the time is “Be clear not clever”. Todd mentioned this about writing headlines and copy. Every time I’m doing any content creation this runs through my brain. It’s good because it rhymes.


Episode 4 – Future-Proofing Your Agency w/ Lee Jackson & Walt Spence

Right out of the gate, Lee Jackson brings up diversifying your income streams to generate income and reduce the stress of only having one way to generate that revenue.


Episode 5 – Define Design w/ Picca Neri

This was a great mindshift for the word “Design” for me. It’s not just about visual aesthetics / styling (like we typically use it). Instead, Piccia tells us that “design” means PLANNING, which could apply to almost anything.


Episode 6 – Put Your Passion into Motion w/ Liam Clisham

This episode proves that keeping your mindset fluid and not giving up tends to bring great things, shifting your business goals over time and what you’re offering is perfectly fine and opens up the possibilities of finding your passion or niche organically.


Episode 7 – Keeping Your Business on Track w/ Leanne Mitton & Imogen Allen
This episode demonstrated not only how important it is to have someone else to talk to about your business (and help you get through struggles, solve problems, etc), but that the relationship can take on many forms. It can be very structured (like Leanne and Imogen) or loose and casual like Matt and Kyle- but having someone else invested in your business is crucial.


Episode 8 – Pricing Your Projects for Profit w/ Bret Phillips

Hot damn, this was a great episode, trying to narrow it down to one takeaway is real hard to do, if I had to pick just one, it would be the 33-33-34 rule, it’s incredibly important to pay yourself, but also the tax man and re-invest in your business. This whole episode is gold, go watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.


Episode 9 – A Healthy WordPress Community w/ Dan Maby
Dan is a great reminder of how lucky we are to work in the WordPress space. Mental health is an issue that has no boundaries, and we need to all be reminded that all of us struggle- and that’s okay. We shouldn’t be ashamed to admit it.


Episode 10 – The Keys to Content Marketing w/ Kim Doyal
A great talk about how content marketing is just plain marketing. On your site, speak to the client, about the client, and how you can help THEM. Less about you, more about them. Case studies people!


Episode 11 – Email isn’t Dead, You’re Just Not Doing it Right w/ Dave Toomey & Pete Everitt

This email gave me lots of inspiration to get back on building my list. The line of the show was when Dave gave us the analogy comparing email marketing and social media marketing:

“With email I can talk to my potential client, with social media I always feel like I’m having to shout”

Episode 12 – Building Accessible Websites w/ Heather Gray
This one is an eye opener, Heather clearly lays out all the different ways that websites should be accessible to everyone and how so many just aren’t. As designers and developers, we tend to look at user flow, functionality, and aesthetics – but it shouldn’t stop there, contrast, font size, clear copy, keyboard navigation, and so much more are so important for those people out there with disabilities.


Episode 13 – The Pros and Cons of Coworking w/ Robey Lawrence
Starting with Robey in a “nutshell”, there were lots of laughs on this episode. What I remember most about this show is there are lots of ways to co-work. You don’t have to all be in the same physical location even. The importance is making the connections and being less isolated.


Episode 14 – Seeking a Work-Life Balance w/ Nathan Wrigley
Nathan joined us to talk to about work-life balance and how important it is to make sure that you’re not heading to burnout or a breakup. Being able to turn your brain from work mode to life mode is incredibly necessary to balance your life as a whole.


Episode 15 – Client-Focused Solutions for Your Agency w/ Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth has some awesome products that I’m a customer and fan of. One of the products she talked about on the show (Project Pack) has inspired me to really work on my client onboarding process. I specifically love her flowchart walking the customer through the development process.


Episode 16 – How to Setup OBS for Facebook Live Streams w/ Kyle & Matt
This was an episode a lot of folks in the group wanted to see – we didn’t have a guest on this week, but rather ran through how we set up OBS and stream our show. I’ve got to say, the best part of this episode for me was helping folks in TAB get OBS running a bit better.


Episode 17 – Finishing Projects On Time & On Budget w/ Beth Livingston
It’s almost impossible to pick one thing from this episode… Beth is a FANTASTIC project manager (and teacher!). I think the most important thing I took from this episode is to give prospects an estimate “range” up front, then do all the discovery and narrow down a price. This helps keep control the project scope and avoid scope creep.


Episode 18 – Building a Better Agency Through Outsourcing w/ Chris Castillo

First repeat guest! Chris joined us to talk about outsourcing and growing your business. My biggest takeaway from this episode was talking about how to choose and communicate with the folks you’re outsourcing projects to and how to manage these people.  Learning more about Chris’ new outsource platform Outsource Services and how it functions was a highlight as well.


Episode 19 – Split Testing for WordPress (Just Got Easy) w/ Adam Lacey

I really think Adam’s product is going to be a home run. The more we talked through the episode, the more I realized how much of an opportunity split testing is to give your customers real data, that they will actually care about. It’s things like this that can set us apart from our competition.


Kyle Van Deusen

Kyle Van Deusen

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