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Let's Talk Exit Strategy - Build an Agency You Can Sell

Jul 24, 2019

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Let's Talk Exit Strategy - Build an Agency You Can Sell

What is the end game for your agency? Do you plan on your last days spend behind the keyboard? Moving on to something else "one day"? Or can you build the kind of agency people pay good money for?

Hans Skillrud joins us to talk about the process of selling his agency earlier this year. He talks about the things he did to prepare, the mistakes he made (and you can avoid), what the process of selling an agency is like, and clears up my question "where the hell do you stick the 'for sale' sign?"

Selling an agency takes some careful planning— planning that you could start now so that when the time comes you've built an agency that is attractive to potential buyers.

Learn what those things are (and more!) in this week's episode!


Additional Resources

Make your agency more "sellable" by creating and documenting processes— like your onboarding process.

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