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How Termageddon Helps Me Win Clients

Jan 10, 2020

By: Matthew Sebert

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When I first started speaking with Hans and Donata, the fantastic folks behind Termageddon, my mind was racing with all the ways that I could easily (and affordably) use their service to help my clients. If you haven’t yet heard about Termageddon, I’ll catch you up - Termageddon is a website policy generator, think Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions, etc.

What’s more, and way cool, is that once you fill in your, or your clients, relevant information to the system, these policies automatically update as the laws surrounding them change, which helps greatly when it comes to keeping you and your clients websites compliant with the ever changing privacy laws.

Keeping My Current Care Plan Clients Happy

The first thing I did was to get my current care plan clients on their service. It’s inexpensive enough that I was more than willing to take the small hit on my current care plans to further protect and keep these clients happy and future care plans will have this cost baked in = win!

I shot off a quick email (and mind you, if you’re unsure what to say or how to say it, Termageddon provides email templates that you’re free to use) to these care plan clients and let them know about the new service I was adding (at no additional monthly cost to them) and asked a few questions that I needed to complete their TOS and Privacy Policy pages. It took no time at all and the emails I received in response were crazy positive! = win win!

This was such a quick easy win for me. It let me look that much better in the eyes of the clients that pay a monthly care plan - I love being able to look like a hero in their eyes, after all, these folks help keep my business running smoothly!

Winning New Clients with Termageddon

Moving on to those new clients, I added just one more question to my typical onboarding conversation: “Do you have a plan for your Privacy Policy and/or TOS pages?”. The typical response is some sort of saying “um, no?”

Well, perfect!

If that’s their response (and trust me, it usually is) I’ll move on to quickly address, mostly in passing, that:

“One of those things that a lot of people seem to disregard or fail to add to their websites are exactly these things, solid Privacy Policies and Terms of Service pages. What with all the talk of internet privacy lately - I’m sure you’ve seen the talk, maybe gotten a ton of emails all in a row last year where all those sites and services you signed up for contacted you regarding their ‘updated’ policies? Yeah, it’s a pretty important thing”.

I’ll go on to bring up those California laws that made all of us web designers cringe (you know, those hefty fines for websites that don’t have ‘em) and how downright confusing and expensive hiring a lawyer to draft these policies up can be.

Now, as I’m writing this, it makes me think that this is a little sales-y and wordy, but when you’re chatting to a potential new client in normal conversation it’s really not that bad and doesn’t feel out of place - and helps prove to your would-be-new-client that you’re on top of things and have their best interests at heart. It’s just one more trust builder to bring into your conversations.

And it Just Gets Better…

One great thing about mentioning these pages (that every website needs to have, by the way) is that it also allows me to mention my Care Plan in a natural way.

I won’t harp or hang on it, but when I mention the service I let them know that it comes bundled in with the monthly care and maintenance plan I offer. Simple as that. I’ve found that it’s been one of the easiest ways to broach the subject. So in the future, when I DO move forward and aim to close the Care Plan sale, they’ve already heard about it, they’re expecting it, and they know that it already has something that they NEED bundled in. When I start talking about all the other things that the Care Plan covers, those are all more icing on the cake - you’ll get all of this AND the necessary legal pages on your website. Bam!

So thanks, Termageddon, for making it that much more easy to sign clients up to a recurring monthly revenue stream!

Matt Sebert

Matt is the co-host of The Admin Bar, and the owner of Matthew Sebert Design located in the beautiful small town of Keene, New Hampshire.

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