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Matthew Sebert

ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility

ADA Compliance | Basics

ADA Compliance is a loaded topic. There’s a lot that can go into making sure a website is accessible and as of writing this there’s no “real” documentation out there that states “This is what you need to do to be compliant”.

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Build an Email List

We tend to focus on acquiring new leads all the time— but there’s nothing more valuable than a list of people who you already know

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Celebrate Wins Often

It’s easy to get down on yourself when things don’t go right (like losing out on a big proposal, or having a care plan client

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What competitors?

I used to obsess with what my competition was doing… Checking their socials and websites weekly, trying to one-up them, undercutting their prices, and pointing

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Hire an accountant

I don’t particularly like spending money or giving up control… but there’s one bill I’m happy to pay to wash my hands of the work.

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The Eisenhower Matrix

It’s not hard to get overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done on any given day— prioritization is key. There are plenty of ways

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Build connections

The connections I’ve made since opening my agency have been the single biggest source of new leads. Between in-person networking meetings (like the Chamber of

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Invest in yourself

You’ll never waste a dime that’s invested in your education. When you spend time learning something new you add another tool to your toolbelt and

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Schedule time away

If you keep waiting for a “good time” to take time off, you’ll be waiting forever. Just plan ahead, pick a date, and schedule yourself

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Think “Profit First”

Do yourself a favor and read the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. For centuries businesses have used the formula “Sales – Expenses = Profit”,

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Own your mistakes

Realizing you screwed up is an awful feeling— and something we all experience from time to time. Even though sweeping it under the rug and

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Client Expectations
Client Management

Managing Client Expectations

Matt and Kyle chat about what’s been happening in their respective businesses – this time around we’ll be talking about managing client expectations.

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Shane Rielly

Graphic Design vs Web Design

All three of us began our design careers focusing primarily on some form of flat graphic design, be it branding, t-shirt design, or print design, but found ourselves for one reason or another leaning further into web based design as our individual businesses grew… how come? Listen/watch to find out!

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Kyle and Matt
Business Development

Time to get Organized!

In this episode of The Admin Bar we’re talking about organization and quality of life improvements and what with having a bit more down time than usual, now might be a good time to start building better habits.

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Hannah Smith Headshot

How Green is Your Website? with Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith joins us to discuss easy ways we can operate our agencies to reduce our carbon footprint. While the environmental impact of running a digital agency might have never crossed your mind, the amount of data you are responsible for is actually quite astounding. Being conscious of the impact your agency has doesn’t mean you have to stop being efficient, however.

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Affiliate Partnership

Affiliate Partnership Want to feature your product or service on The Admin Bar? Partnership Discovery This form will help us to learn a bit more

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A New Season of Happy Hour Begins!

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