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Jan 29, 2021

By: Kyle Van Deusen

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This Week in TAB

You may have already seen, but this week I combined the magic that is Text Expander with Taco Ipsum to create a nifty little shortcut to spit out ipsum (of the taco variety) at will.

Sometimes it's the small things in life that really make a difference. I can't tell you how often I Google ipsum to copy and paste. I'll save so much time now — and time is money, and money buys tacos (the circle of life!).

Inside The Group ?

  • Hunting for Clients
    After his referral source has dried up a bit, Thomas asked the group for advice on finding clients without being spammy or cold calling.
  • Is Accessibility That Important?
    With more and more lawsuits every day, Dan asked the group how much he really need to focus on accessibility.
  • Your After-Hours Policy
    Do you check out on the nights and weekends? Or are you likely to respond to client requests? Mary Jo asked the group on their thoughts and if they ever bend their rules.
  • Reminder: You Can Never Update Enough
    Aaron reminds us that, at least in the world of WordPress, you can never really update too much after having around 130 websites hacked.
  • Building Your Own Website Sucks
    Troy is working on building his own website and is reminded at how hard that can be. He's not alone.
  • January's Top Contributors
    Shoutout to the top contributors inside the group this month!

    1. Anil A.
    2. Karen M.
    3. Zack P.
    4. Troy G.
    5. Tamarah Jo D.
    6. Doug S.
    7. Levi G.
    8. Rich D.
    9. Michele B.
    10. Stephanie H.

In Other News ?

  • Oxygen from a Beginners Perspective
    I'll be joining Jonathan from Permaslug live on his YouTube channel in just a couple hours to talk about what it's like to use Oxygen from a beginner's perspective.

From Around the Web ?

  • Better late than never, I found CSSBattle which has been some fun, nerdy time-wasting.
  • Generate more realistic, multi-level shadows visually with this tool.
  • provides a collection of best-practice checklists.
  • C is for Caching this week as the WP Builds podcast goes around the alphabet.

Before You Go ?

Every day is taco ipsum tuesday. Side of rice and beans, please. TACOS!! I think I’ve overdosed on tacos. If you were a taco, would you eat yourself? I’ve been following that taco truck around all day. How do you feel about hard shelled tacos? Tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Say taco one more time. It’s a wonderful morning for breakfast tacos. TACOS!! Fish tacos with cabbage slaw and a side of chips and guac. BARBACOA!! Tacos, tacos, tacos.

Sorry, I couldn't resist ?

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