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Dave Navarro Jr

Not-So-Typical Networking

The Admin Bar
Not-So-Typical Networking

This week we’re joined by Admin Bar staple, Dave Navarro Jr. to talk about “not-so-typical networking”.

Back in October Dave started a thread in the group that said: “If you do not have a WordPress Meetup in your town, START ONE!” and the thread ended up being pure gold— with a ton of interest.

Running his local WordPress meetup for the past two years has given Dave the label of “the WordPress guy” in his local community— which is not a bad label to have. In fact, those connects have lead him to 6-figures in revenue!

We booked Dave on the show to tell us about how he started a meetup, what it takes to run one, what he gets out of it, what they’re like (if you’ve never been to one), and how you could either join or start a WordPress meetup.

Learn more about starting a WordPress Meetup

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