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“Freelancer” is a Four Letter Word

Dec 27, 2019

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“Freelancer” is a Four Letter Word

How many of you out there self-identify as a freelancer? It’s possible that the term might not be shining the best light on you after all…

Nathan Allotey from The Freelance Jumpstart Podcast joins us to talk about why (somewhat ironically) you should never refer to yourself as a “freelancer”.

Whatever title you’ve given yourself might have been an afterthought— but titles do hold meaning and give people an immediate indication as to your level of professionalism and expertise.

Nathan shares his personal story and revelation of how calling himself a “freelancer” was giving people the wrong impression and how shedding the label immediately allowed him to stop competing with the Fiverr’s of the world.

To help drive this point home, Nathan shares several analogies of how the use of “freelancer” in other industries is an obvious poor choice of words..

Now that you can give yourself any title you want, is “freelancer” what you really want people to think about you?

This conversation was inspired by an episode of Freelance Jumpstart TV, which you can find here.

Production Note: We obviously ran into some technical difficulties with Matt’s audio in this recording. If the conversation wasn’t so great, we’d have probably canned this episode— but if you can fight through a bit of poor production quality, I think you’ll find it’s worth it.  

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