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Let’s Talk Managing Care Plans

Let’s Talk Managing Care Plans

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We’ve already determined the importance of recurring revenue (in the form of a maintenance plan) in your agency. But one consideration you need to have with any service you offer is how does it scale?

Through a combination of systems, processes, automation, and even white-label services, care plans can be almost infinitely scalable and “Mr. Care Plan” (not an official nickname), Jeffery Patch, is here to tell us how.

Jeffery is the owner of MaintainPress, a (mainly) white-label website maintenance company based in sunny Southern California. In this episode we discuss some of the obstacles that agencies face as their roster of clients grows.

We cover a wide range of questions, including topics like; pricing, automation, systems, tools, and what things the agencies with the fastest growing rosters are doing that contribute to their success.

Throughout the entire conversation we examine the benefits of working with a white-label partner that can completely operate this facet of your business. This form of outsourcing can give you the confidence that your clients sites are properly maintained while affording you the freedom to focus on the parts of your business where you’re most valuable.

If you’re interested in connecting with Jeffery and learning more about his white-label options you can visit the MaintainPress website at https://maintain.press.

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