An auto-updating privacy policy that gives you a new recurring revenue income stream!
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Termageddon Overview

Termageddon is a dynamic privacy policy generator created by a REAL lawyer (not a robot). Once you sign up, answer a few questions about your site, and install a small snippet of code on your Privacy Policy or Terms of Use page, you have a privacy policy that not only covers your business— but is automatically updated as laws change without ever having to lift a finger.

Privacy is increasingly more important every day in our digital lives— some of these matters can actually put our business in jeopardy if we don’t protect ourselves. Termageddon can give you the coverage you need, the peace of mind you’re after, and an entirely new recurring revenue stream for your agency!

Why We Love Termageddon

Termageddon is co-founded by a lawyer and former agency owner (turned engaged couple) so they understand both sides of the coin on this one.  They’ve built their company offer around being able to provide your agency with a free license for your own site, and offering highly discounted “wholesale” rates for your customers. This allows you to ensure every website you build is protected by the policies it needs, but also turn it into a recurring revenue model for your business.

The “set it and forget it” system means I can have a legitimate privacy policy up on my site in minutes, and never think about it again. Laws across the globe are constantly changing, but since my privacy policy is automatically updated by Termageddon— that’s not something I ever have to worry about.

Additional Information

Check out Episode 28: A Privacy Solution That Makes You Money for more information and our interview with the co-founders.

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