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The ultimate performance plugin for any WordPress website!

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Created by the guy who literally wrote the book on WordPress speed optimization (Brian Jackson), Perfmatters is a invaluable collection of settings to help improve the performance of any WordPress website.

This removes unnecessary bloat from the WordPress core code, and gives you the flexibility to turn off any features or scripts that your website doesn't need.

Why We Love Perfmatters

The Perfmatters plugin has completely changed the way I optimize my WordPress sites, often taking PageSpeed Insights scores from barely passing to perfect with the swap of a few toggles. Unlike some tools that only “mask” issues, Perfmatters treats the causes of a slow website so you can avoid the issues altogether. As if that wasn’t enough, the support and documentation set the standard for best-in-class.

I've made Perfmatters part of my starter site and include it on every single website I build. In fact, go test the performance of this website on PageSpeed insights and you'll see just how good Perfmatters works!

Additional Information

Watch a step-by-step walkthrough of all the Perfmatters settings with the plugin's author, Brian Jackson!

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Perfmatters home page screenshot.


The ultimate performance plugin for any WordPress website!

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