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Monster Contracts

Proven contracts written specifically for the WordPress professional.
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Monster Contracts Overview

Monster Contracts, by Nathan Ingram, combines 20+ years of experience doing client work with WordPress with the legal authority of being analyzed by an attorney.

Most contracts, especially the free ones you find online, typically fall into one of two categories:

  1. They are not specific enough to what you do— and that won’t likely hold up in court.
  2. They are full of legalese that neither you nor your client understand— which isn’t helpful to anyone!

Monster Contracts is written in plain English so it will be easy for your and your clients to comprehened, but includes all the important clauses that keep your agency from being liable for mishaps.

Using his 20+ years experience, Nathan included specific language that applies to most WordPress projects, including:

  • Delays
  • Scope Creep
  • Payment Terms
  • Care Plans
  • Termination
  • and Intellectual Property

Beyond that it covers very specific details that relate to our world, like: browser compatibility, plugin licenses, SEO, accessibility, GDPR, email deliverability, and just what happens after launch.

Included in the full package is a Master Services Agreement, Website Management Agreement, video walkthroughs, member submissions, version histories, and helpful resources.

The truth is, technology and the law aren’t at a stand-still— and that’s why Monster Contracts operates off of a subscription that ensures your contract will stay up to date with both changes in technology and law.

Why We Love Monster Contracts

Since the inception of my agency, I’ve relied on a free contract template with almost zero assurance that it had any legitimacy. My strategy was to simply hope that no project would go sideways, and if it did, maybe (just maybe?) my contract would be there to save me.

Over time I’ve added to and adapted my contract into a bit of a Frankenstein to try and cover myself. Unfortunately this made for a long and disjointed document.

I take my business much more serious than this— and my contract could have huge consequences that make “hope” a terrible strategy.

I bought Monster Contracts the moment it went up for sale, and within 30 minutes I had already overridden my old contract.  The relief of knowing that I have something that will not only protect me, but my clients, is a weight off of my shoulders.

While I hope there’s no “day in court” in my future, I have confidence now that I’ve covered everything in order to protect my business.

You might wonder if you should drop $200 on a contract, which I understand… but I can assure you this: it’s cheaper than finding a lawyer to draft you your own, or fighting over your DIY contract in front of a judge. And good luck finding lawyer with have 20+ years of WordPress experience to include all the provisions that we face on a daily basis.

Additional Information

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