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Accomplish anything you want with just a handful of blocks.

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GenerateBlocks is a small and lightweight block package that takes the block editor to a whole new level.

Unlike other block packages, GenerateBlocks has carefully crafted just a handful of blocks that have the flexibility and compatibly to work in tandem to create almost any layout you’re trying to accomplish.

With GenerateBlocks you have full control over typography, spacing, colors, gradients, backgrounds, and can add SVG icons with ease.

It’s built with performance in mind, endlessly flexible, gives you control over your responsive breakpoints, and is built to the highest coding standards for security, stability, and future compatibility.

Why We Love GenerateBlocks

My move to blocks was for two reasons…

  1. To improve performance metrics (specifically Core Web Vitals)
  2. To simplify my tech stack

GenerateBlocks helped me achieve both of these things instantly.

It’s not uncommon for me to end up with 100% scores on mobile PageSpeed Inisghts tests, and even though there are only a handful of blocks I’m creating better websites with far fewer plugins and hassle.

Their updates, while not as frequent as many tools on the market, are well thought out, reliable, and have never caused any backwards compatibility issues.

Knowing that I can rely on this tool 100% is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as my agency is now managing over 50 live websites.

Additional Information

Check out our full playlist of GenerateBlocks tutorials on YouTube!

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