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You might have heard AIrtable referred to as “Excel on Steroids” — and while that might be an exciting description, Airtable goes far beyond what any kind of beefed-up spreadsheet could ever dream of.

If you want to get technical with it (and I know you do!) Airtable is a relational database. This distinction unlocks all kinds of possibilities of creating relationships between data in a meaningful way.

Databases you create with Airtable can be as simple as organizing data for your internal use, and as complex as acting as the database for a front-end application.

Why We Love Airtable

I’ll admit, Airtable is one of those products that just “clicks” or it doesn’t — but I use it for everything!

With over 50 bases in my account, I’ve built databases for everything including: project management, cost estimators, content planning, organizing software licenses, running a private mastermind, and a lot more.

I’ve even used Airtable plan out family vacations with complete day-by-day itineraries.

The only limitation that I’ve found with Airtable is your imagination on what you can create!

Additional Information

Check out a live event I hosted where I showed you how I built some of my favorite bases!

Learn more about my Agency Airtable Pack which includes 6 of my favorite bases for running your web agency!

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