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Apr 09, 2021

By: Kyle Van Deusen

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Are you a web developer, agency owner, or freelancer looking for a good read? Well, you're in the right place. Here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order).

Company of One by Paul Jarvis

Company of One

Paul Jarvis

This book outlines why it's more important to make your business better — not bigger. Filled with real-life stories, inspirational thoughts, and written by a fellow web designer.

profit first

Profit First

Mike Michalowicz

A practical and step-by-step system for getting your business finances in order and ensure your profitability. Brilliantly written and highly entertaining.


The E-Myth Revisited

Michael E. Gerber

If you're not afraid to take a honest, hard-look at your business (and its viability), then I've not found a better read. Geared more towards those with a team, but filled with time-tested business building advice anyone can learn from.

P.S. The "E" stands for entrepreneur

they ask you answer

They Ask You Answer

Marcus Sheridan

Have you ever felt 'stuck' trying to write content for your business? You'll never feel that way again after reading They Ask You Answer! This book completely changed my outlook on content marketing and gives you a simple, straight-forward, and obvious system for improving your inbound marketing.

win without pitching

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

Blair Enns

This short read has transformed the way thousands of creative agencies think about and approach their work — focusing their value around their thinking, and getting paid for it. More theory than practicality, but a must read for any agency owner.

1 page marketing plan

The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Allan Dib

I've sent this book to every one of my clients as a gift. It perfectly explains (in laymen's terms) the power of digital marketing in today's world. While I wouldn't say I learned a lot of new tactics, I learned a lot about how to explain them to clients and package them into something appealing. This is the book every one of us should have wrote.

content fortress

Content Fortress

Martin Huntbach & Lyndsay Cambridge

Martin and Lyndsay took many of the teaching from They Ask You Answer and approached it from another perspective: How to develop content to both attract your ideal clients and repel the types that ruin your day. Practical, relatable, and highly-implementable,

copy that sells

How to Write Copy That Sells

Ray Edwards

If you find yourself needing to write sales copy, then Ray's step-by-step system will give you a time-tested formula for creating stories that sell. Armed with the knowledge in this book, anyone can do it.

dealing with problem clients

Dealing With Problem Clients

Nathan Ingram

Having spent many years running a WordPress agency, Nathan Ingram's short-read helps you spot clients that might cause trouble, and gives you system to help keep them in check. Highly-relevant for any web developer!

dont make me think

Don't Make Me Think (Revisited)

Steve Krug

While this is more like a college textbook and uses quite a few outdated references, the advice in this book will help improve your designs by giving you a better grasp on usability and user-experience design.

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Kyle is the co-host of The Admin Bar, the owner of a agency of one called OGAL Web Design and the co-founder of Docket WP. You’ll likely find him trolling The Admin Bar community.

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