Ep. 0032: What Made ATL a Success & How You Can Do Similar

Ep. 0032: What Made ATL a Success & How You Can Do Similar

Ep. 0032: What Made ATL a Success & How You Can Do Similar

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Lee Jackson felt the fear and did it anyway. He pulled off the WordPress event of the year.. More focused than a WordCamp. More powerful than a Facebook Group. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Okay, well maybe not that last part— but it’s no secret what an amazing event the inaugural Agency Transformation Live was.

Focused on the 5 pillars of agency transformation, Lee and his amazing panel of speakers helped agencies at all stages recognize where their business stands, dream of where they want it to go, and gave them the tools to make it a reality.

That doesn’t even account for all the awesome selfie opportunities, shenanigans and “after hours” meetups at the pub.

Why he did it, how he pulled it off, and how you can leverage a live and interactive event for your own business (in front of YOUR target audience) all revealed in this week’s episode of The Admin Bar. If this sounds like the event for you—have no fear! Early bird tickets are still available for Agency Transformation 2020 are on sale. Get yours at www.theadminbar.com/atl and Matt and I will see you there!

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