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Are Your Analytics Illegal?

Feb 25, 2022

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Are Your Analytics Illegal?

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Google Analytics is complex, comprehensive, extremely powerful — and 100% free of charge.

But have you ever thought about why that is?

To Google, your data is more valuable than your money.

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Attempting to protect how people’s data is harvested, stored, and shared, courts are finally starting to catch up. It’s a clear trend towards protecting user’s rights to privacy — even going so far as to rule Google Analytics’ practices illegal.

Often fragmented, full of jargon, and even sometimes contradictory — keeping up with the ever-changing legal landscape is a total nightmare.

So ask yourself: what position do you want your agency to be in?

Chasing loopholes to keep you (and your clients!) out of legal jeopardy — constantly worried you may be at risk of fines or end up in court?

Or out in front of the pack with a universally compliant solution that provides you with the data you need without having to spy on any individuals?

If you answered the latter — then you’re going to love Fathom.

Fathom and their privacy-first analytics solution has taken a different approach — selling software, not their user’s data.

And not just any software — simple to install, easy to understand, and lightweight analytics without compromise.

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