How to Configure Perfmatters

A setting-by-setting walkthrough with the plugin's author!

Live on

March 5, 2022


8am PST • 11am EST • 4pm GMT


About the event

The Perfmatters plugin has completely changed the way I optimize my WordPress sites… Often taking PageSpeed Insights scores from barely passing to perfect with the swap of a few toggles.

But you gotta be next-level nerdy to understand exactly what all the settings do (and the unintended consequences they may have).

Me? I’m still a nerd wannabe — so I need some help!

Thankfully the plugin’s cofounder, Brian Jackson, is here to help us understand how it all works! 

Pssst: Brian literally wrote the book on ‘How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website’, so there’s no better person to show us the ropes!

In this live call we’ll be going through his plugin, setting-by-sitting, to learn about both the impact and consequence of each option so we can better optimize our websites and get the most out of what Perfmatters has to offer!

The interview will be followed by live Q&A so you can get all your performance questions answered so make sure to register today and add the call to your calendar so you don’t miss it!

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