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Easy-Peasy Proposal

Writing a Proposal Sucks!

A fill-in-the-blank scope of work document for quick and easy proposals.
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End Your Proposal Procrastination for Good!

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What's Included?

Fill in the  blank, cloneable Google Doc you can reuse for all of your proposals.
Completed, filled-in example from a real proposal I recently won.
Project Overview
Project Objectives
Project Deliverables
Project Scope
Processes & Timelines
Payment Schedule
Project Investment
Frequently Asked Questions
Video walkthrough tutorial

How does it work?

1. Purchase your copy of the Easy-Peasy Proposal System

Immediately after your purchase, I'll send you over your copies of the Easy-Peasy Proposal documents.

2. Watch the walkthrough video & download documents

After you sign up, I'll send you an email with a brief video walkthrough and a link to download your copy of the templates. This will help get you up-to-speed in just a few minutes.

3. Tweak the documents to suit your needs

Using the fill-in-the-blank template, you can make all the changes you need to create your own "master copy". You'll likely want to tweak multiple parts of the document, as well as fill in your own FAQ answers.

4. Duplicate and use as needed

Once your master template is setup, you can quickly duplicate it, fill in the blanks, and get your proposals out the door in record time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Easy-Peasy Proposal include a contract?

No, this is mostly a scope of work document and I would highly suggest you have a legally binding contract to go with it (I use Monster Contracts).

Is the document customizable to match my brand?

Yes, it is fully customizable — and there is purposefully no "design" to the documents whatsoever. I imagine most people will copy/paste this information into their proposal software. Of course, you could fancy this Google Doc up and use it if you wish.

Can I use your FAQ answers?

I debated on whether or not to include my answers to the provided FAQ's in the example document because I'd really prefer you do not use my exact content for those. However, I know seeing examples can be helpful in getting your "creative juices" flowing, so I decided to include them. Please only use them for inspiration and write your own. You'll be better for it — and besides, I've already indexed all the copy ;-) 


Download the Proposal Template ($19)

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