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The secret to a successful agency isn’t really a secret… it’s recurring revenue.

With the Website Owner's Manual you can grow yours on every project you complete.
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The WOM helps 3,000 agencies sell more care plans every month.

“It's a very clever but very simple product that helps you very easily generate potentially $1000s of extra annual recurring revenue, for very little extra work.”

—Dave Foy

“Instead of having to 'sell' care plans to my clients, they're asking me for them.”

When clients decline your maintenance plan, it’s not because your plan isn’t great… it’s because they don’t truly understand how much work it takes to maintain their site on an ongoing basis.

Even if you do your best to explain this, you risk sounding like a salesperson pushing for another buck on something they don’t think they need.

But what if you could help your clients understand the challenges they’ll face without you having to make “the pitch”?

Delivered to you in the form of an easily customizable & reusable document, The Website Owner’s Manual (or ‘WOM’) is the perfect way to communicate the benefits of a care plan in a tangible way.
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Here's how to sell website maintenance plans, without having to 'sell'.

The Website Owner’s Manual lays out the what, why, how, and who of essential website maintenance in jargon-free language your clients will understand.

What do your clients get?

Basically, all the information they need for the proper care & maintenance of their website:

  • Technical details like their hosting provider, domain registrar, DNS records, and logins
  • A maintenance schedule (for daily, weekly, monthly & annual tasks)
  • A troubleshooting guide for the most common problems WordPress websites face

While any client will appreciate such a helpful document, it’s true power lies in its unique ability to inform clients of all the maintenance required for proper website upkeep.

Since most clients don’t have the time or expertise needed, your maintenance plan becomes the perfect solution to their website maintenance headache – you’re saving them from themselves!

The WOM was created by web designers – and we’ll provide you with the customizable template and email scripts we’ve used to convert thousands of dollars in recurring revenue, along with training videos that will teach you how to implement this into your agency’s process.

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Here’s what you got with the WOM.

For $37, you can educate, negotiate, persuade, and sell your clients recurring monthly website maintenance plans - all in one go!

A Fully Customizable & Reusable Template

The website owner’s manual comes in an easy to customize, 10-page Google Slide document allowing you to match your branding and add your agency’s contact information.
Which includes...

Important Website Details

Keep all the important records like hosting, domain registrar, login credentials, and more for your client's website all in one comprehensive document.

Maintenance Overview Schedule

Ensure your customer understands all the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks they are now responsible for to ensure a properly maintained website.

Troubleshooting Guide

Give your customers useful tips on the common problems they might face now that they are responsible for the upkeep of their entire website.
Available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, & Portuguese!

Plus you'll get these awesome bonuses...

As if The WOM isn’t enough great value on it’s own, we’ve included these recurring revenue boosting bonuses too!

Email Scripts

You’ll receive email scripts we’ve used to close maintenance contracts pre-sale, at launch, after launch, and even retain clients who tried to terminate their contract.
Pre-Sale / Proposal
Care Plan Rejection
Care Plan Acceptance
Care Plan Retention
Retroactive Care Plan Script

Training Videos

We'll walk you through the entire setup, customization, and delivery of your WOM, including our tips and best practices from our experience using this in our own agencies.

Exclusive Discounts

We've negotiated exclusive discounts for MaintainPress and WP Care Market to take your care plans to the next level. With your WOM purchase, you'll have instant access to even more savings!
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Join our list and save 25%!
Is The WOM available in other languages?
Thanks to our amazing users, we do have some translations available. Currently you can download The WOM in English, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch. The scripts are currently available in English, German, and Dutch only. Any translation other than English has been user-generated and we cannot verify its accuracy.
Can I make my own version of The WOM?
Our hope is that you take what we've provided as a starting point and customize it to your company's specific needs. This might mean translating it into your native language, changing some of the content, or giving a shiny new coat of paint— you're encouraged to do all of those things.

You are not allowed to resell The WOM in it's current state, or sell a edited copy for your own financial gain.
What happens if I don't like it?
If you're unhappy just shoot us an email and we'll get it resolved. We're not here to trick anyone into anything. Our refund request rate over the past year is less than 1% (0.8%)
Who are the makers of The WOM?
Hello! If you're not familiar with The Admin Bar, we're a community of web designers and developers started by Matt Sebert and myself (Kyle Van Deusen). We host a video podcast, share our experiences, help showcase amazing products, and run a Facebook group (https://facebook.com/groups/theadminbar) with around 2,000 members.

The WOM was born out of my need to find a way to communicate the value of a care plan to a customer without having to push them to a sale. Together Matt and I developed the original version of The WOM and spent 5 months using it with our agencies... with great success!

After proving how powerful of a tool it is, we decided to package everything up and make it available for download.
Is everything customizable for my brand?
Absolutely! The WOM document itself comes in the form of a Google Slide document which you can completely customize not only the branding but all the content inside (we even provide you with videos showing you how). All the email scripts are plain text so you can copy & paste or tweak to match your brand's tone of voice. You can do as little or as much customization as you wish!

We've provided a solid starting point which covers the *typical* things a care plan covers. However, we strongly encourage you to edit your WOM to perfectly match your brand, your suggested maintenance schedule, etc. 

Once you input your contact details, logo, and branding you can use the document as-is, but it will become a more powerful tool the more it is tailored to your agency and customer's specific needs.
Is the WOM for me or my customers?
The WOM is a document that you use as part of your agency's processes. It's then delivered to your customers. Its purpose is to inform them about the details about their website, the responsibilities of keeping it maintained, and includes troubleshooting tips.

These are all things your care plan likely covers (and you can tweak the WOM to ensure that it does!).

If your client is NOT on a care plan it can help to show them why a care plan would be beneficial (by giving them a list of tasks they will be responsible for). If your client IS on a care plan, then it serves as positive reinforcement that what you are doing for them has tremendous value.

All of this has been structured and phrased in a way that gives your clients all the information in 'black and white' so there is no hard-sell involved.

Our experience (as well as many of our customers) is that it helps clients quickly realize how much goes into keeping a WordPress site running and makes it obvious they aren't qualified or do not have the time to do this themselves.

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