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Security Weekly

Weekly website security lessons brought to you by The Admin Bar in partnership with Patchstack

Week 4

How do WordPress sites get hacked? (Part 3)

In the past 2 issues, we’ve talked about the different ways websites are taken over by compromising privileged accounts and by exploiting security vulnerabilities in the WordPress core, plugins and themes. Sometimes …

Week 3

How WordPress sites get hacked? (Part 2)

Last week, we covered the different methods hackers use to compromise WordPress websites by taking over administrator accounts. This week, we’ll cover the second most common attack vector (which in some months …

Week 2

How do WordPress sites get hacked? (Part 1)

Last week we talked about what motivates cyber criminals to automate attacks against websites to gain unauthorised access. Now, as we know what their motivations are, let’s look into how they do …

Week 1

Introduction to WordPress Security Weekly

Security within the WordPress ecosystem is something that has recently become as important as the website performance. In fact, security incidents may lead to the worst kind of performance issues, which can …