Ehtical Data

An alternative approach to website analytics

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Feb. 23, 2022


9am PST • 12pm EST • 5pm GMT


About the event

Google Analytics is complex, comprehensive, extremely powerful — and 100% free of charge.

But have you ever thought about why that is? 

To Google, your data is more valuable than your money.

Attempting to protect how people’s data is harvested, stored, and shared, courts are finally starting to catch up.  It’s a clear trend towards protecting user’s rights to privacy — even going so far as to rule Google Analytics’ practices illegal.

Often fragmented, full of jargon, and even sometimes contradictory — keeping up with the ever-changing legal landscape is a total nightmare. 

So ask yourself: what position do you want your agency to be in?

Chasing loopholes to keep you (and your clients!) out of legal jeopardy — constantly worried you may be at risk of fines or end up in court? 

Or out in front of the pack with a universally compliant solution that provides you with the data you need without having to spy on any individuals?

If you answered the latter — then you’re going to love Fathom.

Fathom and their privacy-first analytics solution has taken a different approach — selling software, not their user’s data.

And not just any software — simple to install, easy to understand, and lightweight analytics without compromise. 

Join us Wednesday, February 23rd as I interview Fathom’s co-founders Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis about why all this talk about privacy is important, implications of ignoring the trends, and how you position your agency ahead of the curve.

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