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The Best Facebook Group for Web Designers & Develoeprs

The Admin Bar Community

We asked over 500 of our members why they belong to our community... Here's what they said:

Because Kyle and Matt are constantly dropping mind bombs.

Tacos, Gifs, and whole lotta wisdom… oh and hugs… massive hugs.

The friendliness of the community.

Because of the tacos!

Admin Bar has been one of the most giving communities I’ve joined on Facebook.”

I’ve learned so much and met so many people with great ideas and products that I only wish I had known about the group earlier. 3K and away!

Great people, helpful information, and interesting conversations.

It’s a great group of supportive professionals .

I appreciate the camaraderie, advice, and opinions from fellow professionals. There’s a great sense of collaboration and a desire to see each other succeed and it’s easily the best FB group in which I’ve ever participated.

To learn – Of all the FB web oriented groups I’m in, The Admin Bar has 100% been THE most helpful one! I guarantee I would not be where I’m at right now without the help of the group. And I’m not saying this because of the contest – I’ve said this before in the group, and will CONTINUE to recommend TAB to anyone in the business.

This is the most supportive and motivating FB community for WP professionals that I’ve been a part of. Discussions are great, resources shared (including podcasts and useful plugins/tools) are awesome and people are always a pleasure to deal with. It’s a rare mixture to find in today’s world of distraction and selfishness

I love helping people.

Brilliant group, full of inspirational ideas and advice as well as a few good laughs.

To convince people to steal Matt’s funnels.

I just found you last week after I bought the WOM, but I’m quickly realizing that I should have been a part of this community years ago! Great vibe, tons of helpful info and helpful people. Thanks!

One of the best communities online for fellow web devs, in my opinion.

Love this community and you give so much value away for free

Awesome group of people and Kyle has a way of explaining his processes that just resonates.

Although I haven’t been able to participate lately, I belong to the group because most of us share common interests and have learned a shit ton.

Because it’s the bestest Community ever! And because Kyle is a taco loving cool cat!!

I belong to The Admin Bar initially because I was looking for a way to show the value of my maintenance package. After a short while I realized this was a group of valuable and amazing business owners like me. Having a bunch of fellow owners who can provide guidance, feedback, and insight for a variety of topics was more than I expected to find in this group. Other groups related to WordPress or agencies seem to be full of DIY’rs or unrelated topics. They also tend to be on the negative/drama side. TAB is nothing like it. TAB is the one reason why I stay on FB.

I am always learning new ways to build and manage websites

I’m a newbie web designer and I appreciate the kindness and wealth of information in this group.

I’m pretty new to the group but have gone thru many posts and even asked a couple of questions. One of the best groups I’m a member of when it comes to helpful answers and friendly people.

To keep up to date on operating as a freelance website designer, customer care advice, plugin advice, etc.

I’ve been in the group for a long time and I don’t know another such awesome community of people so willing to help each other, love TAB!

Because it’s the best, most reliable group of likeminded and responsive people I’ve found.

For the camaraderie and taco envy!

Real people, real discussion and advice

Learn stuff!

Totally amazing bunch of fellow professionals, never slow to offer help and advice to their peers. What’s not to love about the bar!

Purchased the WOM. Look at the group daily and gets some useful tips

The support. I know I’ll never know every single thing there is for websites and SEO. It’s great to ask questions and hear different advice from everyone and also help others.

Because it’s a fantastic community of like minded individuals that give excellent advice and knowledge. Always my first point of call when I have a problem.

Because it’s an amazing and generous community.

To learn from fellow developers

So I can eventually give back to the community that’s been so kind and accepted me without objections or any sort of discriminating.

This has hands down been the most influential and informative group I’ve ever been a part of on Facebook… or anywhere for that matter. The amount of knowledge shared by people here is earth shattering. I can only hope to contribute back in the future.

I belong to The Admin Bar community to be involved in the conversation with many others that are in the same or similar type of business.

Relatively new web designer looking to be apart of a great community that I can learn and grow from

Because it is an awesome community of supportive professionals who value community over competition

A great community where everybody helps everybody. 😊

Well it’s a brilliant community, I love the support, it’s always fair, nice people, good topics.

I find it a helpful group with like minded professionals. Also I like to help others where I can

The quality of people your community has attracted and the wealth of knowledge they (and you) provide is the main reason. The only other group I belonged to that came close to this was the paid WP Elevation Facebook group.

I stumbled in and didn’t wanna leave.

I really find the discussions to be valuable.

This is the most helpful and kind web design community on FB! Other groups have people that are rude or shit down newbie questions. Not this group. Plus TAB members think outside the box and love to share their experiences, processes, and more.

To get valuable input for my webdesign business and to exchange info with the group members

For insights and advice, to share knowledge and to partake in interesting conversation with like minded folk.

I love hearing great and bad experiences of other WordPress consultant.

I joined after purchasing the WOM and love reading all of the discussions!


Awesome community with like minded people

lots of great info about running a web business!

Find it useful for tips on how to work better from people who are ahead of my on the freelance path.
For the community.

To elevate my WordPress knowledge, efficiency and to help the WP sites I make for clients meet my client’s business goals but exceed their expectations… all while looking amazing!

Chat, hints, tips and everything else.

I find the wealth of experience and knowledge of the members and their willingness to share and help very refreshing.

Top tips, shared pain and the dry sense of humour 🙂

Community, sharing ideas

Good food, good drinks, good convos

To give and receive advice and best practices.

Through the podcast

Both the WOM and you guys are always giving out amazing information.

Having friends who enjoy discussing web design as much as I do is the most important thing about being on FB.

Because I love you all!

Tips & tricks from other members. To contribute tips when I can.

Because I learn from the best and also care to share my experiences with the clan. Best fb group around

Because as a lonely guy in a home office basement, you are my coworkers, my peers… but not just any ol coworkers. No… you are the best of the best, the cream of the crop. TAB is my go-to place to hang out, learn, and share.

Because I like to give Kyle a hard time when contests come up. Oh and DocketWP is pretty cool. Oh and I like the group insights I keep getting!

To get ideas and help from other web designers. I have been working with WordPress for over 10 years, but as a freelancer, it’s really nice to have a community of other quality WP people to follow!

The best online community for WordPress folks. Even without booze the happy hour is happy.

I purchased the WOM from you and have been following you ever since. Just FYI the first client I sent the WOM to said and I quote “as someone who has been spending a lot of time immersed in the world of process, can I just say — your owner’s manual is so good. It makes my little process-loving heart happy.” The manual upped my game!

You are all my collegues. How can I live (work) without you? 😊✊

I love the community and the helpful nature of those in the group.

I manage 9 of my own WordPress sites + 27 sites for clients. I find it helpful to have the community so I don’t feel like I’m alone, as the group search function is an excellent resource!

love the discussions, tips and community feeling in the group

It’s a great place to learn from, and hopefully sometimes to help out, other website managers and agency owners.

Truly fantastic content. Awesome community. Consistently relevant and delivers value.

A like minded group of website development and design bsuienss owners are all at different places and have taken different approaches to business. That makes for a great learning eviroment.

i can’t go a day without seeing Kyle Smile.

News info, tips, and discussion regarding the business of creating WordPress sites

A great bunch of people with a lot of knowledge and advice to share, friendly atmosphere with no one acting like they are elite which can be too common in these type of groups.

Because it’s an amazing and generous community. It’s like being in a braintrust of experts with a vast range of experience without having to leave home.

It makes me smile daily … and sometimes cackle with laughter. I learnt something useful once as well.

It was accidental. 🙂 But one of my favourite FB groups now, as the information and topics often covers areas which are not my strong points, or I had never even considered. As I am from a technical web hosting field… and now moving into design/development etc.

For the great community and sharing of experiences, resources, and just awesome web development peeps!

To learn and grow alongside other business owners and web designers.

It’s a great resource and everyone is very helpful and supportive of each other

It’s great to learn about how others solve their WP and agency problems. I always need a teacher. 🙂

For a great WordPress community

To pick up useful hints and tips from fellow professionals

To learn admin stuff from other awesome admins

Awesome support about questions that have to do with running a web design business

Because the entire community has a lot to offer and I love learning from everyone.

It’s a great source of crowd-knowledge and when I’m in the Bar I’m in really good company 🙂

Because its the best community of web professionals. Always lots to learn! I actually keep my Facebook account because of the admin bar!

Great community of like-minded people with good advice

I originally joined the Group after discovering the WOM system which we now have applied as part of our process in our company, in fact we took it one step further and intergated an automated PDF system to produce the WOM’s and also give the clients a WOM page on their sites, along with a link to their own WOM portal!!! So the group is great for the occcasional golden nugget as alot of the members are in the Digital space which is great for us being a small Digital agency in the south of Spain.

It’s a cool group!

To learn and connect with other agency owners, and be able to bring in international clients for my agency that will greatly help us scale and be profitable.

It’s a supportive community where I can always count on good info and also a good laugh! 🙂

Great group of people I can learn, share, and collaborate or brainstorm with. I’ve learned soo much just by being part of this amazing group.

Community of agency owners who understand what we go through

To help where I can and learn from others who have experience where I don’t! 👍🏻

Huge fan of Kyle And mostly that :). Love the banter, the rants, the advice, the sharing spirits of the group. Would love to contribute more but there’s more than enough experts in the group.

Great group to learn and connect with positive vibes 🙂

I joined a while ago when I was looking for resources to help me with my agency, however, I didn’t want to only join super niche groups and I can’t remember if it came recommended or I found it by accident but I’ve found it to be one of the best resources available. It has helped me solve countless problems, including those I never knew I had! The group is so friendly and patient and knowledgable. You guys have built an awesome community, well done!

Before I joined The Admin Bar in april 2019, I was a true solopreneur. A whole new world opened up when I stumbled upon this group. In my first message, I asked a common question. When I was kindly pointed to the fact that this question was asked before, I quickly apologized, expecting to be scolded for not using the search. I got several friendly replies in stead. I was astonished. Was this possible on the Internet?

The Admin Bar is for me like a real bar, but online. I come there to meet the other regulars. And even though replied sometimes are straight and to the point, it rarely becomes unfriendly.

Thanks Kyle and Matt, for creating my online “Central Perk”

I enjoy the conversations and being a new business owner it’s really helping me develop the systems to run my business.

It is the best SEO and Marketing community group! Very helpful members and great topics all the time. I can learn a lot of them and most of the advices are very practical. Thank you so much Kyle for having this group as well for DockedWP.

Because it is a great resource to ask questions if you are struggling with something, but also it is great to be apart of an active community who share a passion for building websites.

Useful to be part of a community of people in a similar position as myself and share ideas and get answers to questions from them

Like-minded tribe. 

A lot of great people sharing, interacting, networking.

Great Content!

I stumbled into the TAB community some time ago. And at that time I was at a crossroads about staying a solopreneur or giving up the ghost. The information and support in TAB helped me get focused and put my business in a stronger position.

TAB and a couple other FB groups are the only reason I still go on Facebook. Although the members really make the group Kyle’s management of the community takes it to new levels. Keep rockin’

Because it is a group of legends and I learn so much!

good to keep an eye on what’s going on in the industry, and of course get help / help others

Originally because of buying the wom… I continue because there’s such a wealth of knowledge in the group.

To learn good stuff from different web folks and save my as* from the mess I create with client projects. Love the community!

Came for the tacos, stayed for the camaraderie 😀 No, but seriously, what an awesome group. Full of friendly, clever, generous people who are happy to help. This is one of my favorite groups and I know that’s down to how you lead it. Thank you!

I love the collective mastermind of the group

Because it’s the best group on Facebook for web professionals!

It’s the best group on FB! There are many people in this group that I have grown friendships with & trust their opinions – that is hard to find – especially if you have never met them face to face!! Thank you Kyle & Matt for growing such a great group of folks!

Because its full of smart, kind and helpful people that make me laugh on a regular basis.

Like reading what others are doing to help me improve my business. I’m more of a lurker than someone who participates a lot.

because it’s awesome!

Tons of useful input. A friendly community that keeps the crap to a minimum 🙂

invaluable exchange of wise insight from industry peers

Provided me an awesome tool to add value to my company and the services I offer. Learning through the newsletter and FB group!

Access to ideas and smart people.

Comraderies, intelligence, and learning opportunities.

I’m a new web designer so I’m there to learn as much as I can and hopefully also be able to offer others support when I have some knowledge to give!!!

Well, its not for the free prizes…. at all. Promise …and im not even crossing my fingers… not even a little bit….. Seriously, awesome community and good to keep up with the latest news, advice and trends in our industry ;)”

I only recently joined, but I picked up the WOM a while back – not sure why I didn’t make it over to the Facebook community then to be honest. In the brief time I’ve been there so far, I’ve found it head and shoulders above the vast majority of other Facebook groups. The community is welcoming, the discussions are civil and in many cases enlightening, and there’s a real sense of people wanting to help each other! In short, it’s fast becoming by favourite Facebook group! Keep up the good work!!

always learning about cool new tools and resources from more seasoned web designers!

It’s filled with lots of great people, some of which I even met IRL!

Because tacos.

Initially I joined after I purchased the WOM, but I’ve come to appreciate it as the best ‘tecky’ group I belong to!

I like the community and the discussions about the business side of web design/development.

great tips and great company. I’ve learned a lot from being in the group, and I love being in a community with other people who just “get it”.

Originally purchased the WOM, but the group is the best web dev group on Facebook. A real good community of people who are all willing to help everyone out. No spam. No shit.

To help and learn more about WP and how I can better grow my Web Design business.

web dev

Because I learn so much, there’s no drama and the people are so generous and encouraging

Tacos, of course.

A perfect place to interact with fellow agency pros 🙂

Great info and good people helping each other

To learn from others, see what issues are collectively being faced 🙂

I bought the WOM and like the community and the shown experience and helpfulness

To learn, to share, to shoot the shit.

Because I bought your care plan course, DocketWP, and a big fan 🙂

It’s the best group on FB, duh!

I really value learning about new services and tools, plus hearing what works / doesn’t work for others!

Learn, be with like-minded, win a prize 😁

I have joined lots of FB groups but so far there are two groups that i wait to see any post from one is you and other one is agency trailblazer and the reason is realistic scenarios that a beginner and mid level agency owner goes through

It’s a great place to ask about all things WordPress, Web Development, Design and get feedback and learn loads about all the above and more.

Community Feels 🙂

I admire your work and networking!

It’s the only group I haven’t disabled the notifications for, such great content and a friendly, helpful community.

I love the generosity of the group and how a lot of us share ideas and give feedback.

I was curious about the experiences of others in an agency capacity, to learn from mistakes and share them

Good and helpful discussions across a range of expertise. Seriously doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I belong to TAB since the beginning of times, and I still love it to a part of this great community as a designer although I can’t be around all the time. But I always got your back. Great job!

It’s my favourite place on the web! 🙂

To connect and grow with other web design professionals. And because Kyle is awesome 😉

Being in a good few groups, it’s not just technical or helpful but also the nicest community I’ve been apart of on Facebook or possibly anywhere for that matter.

Because it’s somewhere I feel comfortable asking for help and advice from really knowledgeable people who know their shit. The group are kind and generous with their time and I have learnt TONS of stuff from all the fantastic discussions that happen within the group. It’s a genuinely nurturing and caring environment that I love being a part of.

As a fellow web guy, TAB is just a really awesome group of people that are genuinely there to help. There’s never anyone being put down. The humor is amazing. The knowledge is even better.

Because of the community and everyone is willing to provide value without anything in return

Join because of WOM but stayed around for the great conversations.

It’s a good place to be as a person trying to grow my web dev agency. It’s got people asking for help, offering fun and interesting things, and is generally a positive and not annoying place to be.

Cause I fit right in here 🥰

To be part of a community sharing information, lessons, and comradeship!

It’s the best!

Learning, but more importantly, it’s good to be in a group where everyone is genuine.

To hang out with the cool kids

To talk with people that are facing the same or similar struggles dealing with clients and technology

To better understand how I can provide my clients with better service and grow my business ethically.

To learn from the experiences of others.

Lots of other devs asking questions and the answers are a great resource in determining how to handle situations.

Interested in developing WordPress business, providimg WP-based services, Care Plans and more to ideally higher paying clients.

For the social connections, support and “gold nuggets” of shared knowledge.

Fantastic group of likeminded people! Great group for peer support and amazing resources. Keep up the good work folks!

Because it’s a magical place! No seriously, the community of experts. I’m learning so much!

The Admin Bar is a community of like minded professionals that help each other and are there to share their wins and loses and it’s a great place to hang out with other Web People.

it’s a nice community where i get to learn more about web design and the business part from helpful people, it’s a nice community

The craic!

To learn, keep up to date, make friends

Lots of knowledgeable people who like to support each other while having fun. It is the best, most supportive, Facebook group I have ever been in.

I’m a member of the fb group and use it for assistance, knowledge and more and participate to discussions, give my help when I can. It seems I’m a member of a community of people like me…

To get digital marketing and client-related information that I don’t get from other groups.

Learn from others in the Website Creation space

Super chilled super helpful group

Just an overall great community. I’ve learned so much. Haven’t participated much yet but love the community.

I came to be amongst other web designers and developers to help me grow my business and develop friendship’s

I joined because I figured there would be useful information sharing. I stay because people in the group are not only knowledgeable, but helpful, kind, resourceful, funny, supportive, and trustworthy. I enjoy the lack of bullshit.

It’s an awesome community and resource.

For community, support and to learn!

It’s the BEST group on FB for web professionals.

Because it’s awesome!

Bought the WOM, joined the fb group and been happier than ever to be part of a great community 😅

Initially joined after purchasing The WOM, but now in it for life as it is such a fantastic group -everybody has such great community spirit whether it is about helping each other or just posting more ‘make the logo smaller’ memes. 🙂

It’s the best group on Facebook. Love the conversation, advice and tips.

It’s great to belong to a community of developers and designers who are helpful to each other, it makes a difference when you work alone to be able to read other peoples posts, ask a question and sometimes offer help if possible

WordPress, Design and Content enthusiast. It’s good to be around people who are passionate about the same things.

I must say I am a newcomer to the Facebook group but I have been attentive to the community by listening to the podcast, being an email subscriber, purchasing an Admin Bar product, and being present during Kyle’s WordCamp presentation (Fort Worth, TX 2019. Miss those simpler days…). I hope to learn primarily but if I can offer my two cents it would be from the perspective of a designer.

Because it’s a fun, supportive and friendly group, and everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable


I bought the WOM which is how I originally became part of the Group, but since joining its quickly become my favourite group on Facebook

Best Web design community on FB in my opinion. As a newbie, this is a great source of FREE info on a wide range of topics, covering both the design and business sides of the industry. Keep up the great work

I am just getting started with website building and design and hope that some of the knowledge of the group will rub off or at least point me in the right direction.

To learn about and access new things in WordPress design and development.

Because it’s the best facebook group out there 😉

It’s full of quality genuine people.

I’ve learnt so much from this group. It’s changed the way I work and the business I run and it’s thanks to you and the group.

to get tips on building sites for clients

Because it’s awesome! I joined for the tips and stay for the genuine purple and fantastic information.

Great advice and community

It’s the one group I’ve found developers who aren’t trying to big-note themselves and genuinely just love talking shop.

To help people with things that I’ve had to deal with before. To pick up tips for better ways to do things.

I enjoy great advice and the excellent company

I am a partner in a marketing & web design firm and I find the questions and answers very helpful!

Can’t get enough WordPress!

Because I honestly don’t think I’ve been in a more helpful group, including paid groups I’m in!

Because I learn a lot in the group.

helpful resources

I enjoy the quality posts and comments.

To be part of the community. Freelancing can be so lonely but The admin bar community is one of the best and laid back and helpful ones I am in.

Hang out with like-minded NICE people

I love the WOM! I offer WordPress design, hosting & maintenance and love the collective brainstrust in the group. Helps a lot when working solo to have an online community of like-minded people.

I bought the MOW and stay because of the great topics and content posted. 🙂

Keeping up-to-date with what other like-minded freelances and business owners discuss within the Web Agency WordPress community.

To gain a down to earth appreciation of WordPress design and development.

Tips, tricks and support

Solid Facebook Group with Real Professionals and a good sense of community & Sharing.

Just started to build my Agency, so I need to learn a lots here.

Friendly and supportive bunch of people – no snarkiness here, genuine helpfulness (and no spammers).

To pick up hints and tips to make life easier for my fledgling agency, and to be a part of a community of some fun people!

To learn how to grow my business

Because Kyle is the bestest

Because it is a great place to learn from peers and to keep on top of current industry issues.

It’s one of the best groups to discuss running an agency and the challenging and fun things that come along with it.

For the support of a like minded community and also for help, new ideas etc from members

The community is great because it provides help but also opportunities to help others.

to learn & meet new people

TAB is a community unlike any other. The unconditional support and genuine kindness from each member radiates. Although I am not nearly as advanced as others I appreciate wholeheartedly that the net is here for anyone who needs it. 

It’s beautiful to see how much good karma is brought into the group and put into the universe for dispersal. 🤗

The Feeling of having a support group every step of the way through my entrepreneurial journey.

To learn different techniques and awareness of different tools. To gain different perspectives. And to share my own when applicable.

Enjoyed the WOM and was looking to connect with other like minded people

Web dev support, learning and community

I belong to the community because of the willingness of the community to share tips and deals with each other! I learn so much from the members of this community

I belong to the community because of the willingness of the community to share tips and deals with each other! I learn so much from the members of this community

For the social aspect of learning and sharing about WP

It is a fun and informative group that feels like a coffee house at times but you can get good infomation here. Plus, Kyle is da bomb!

As a freelance web developer it’s easy to feel like I’m doing all this work alone, TAB is the best community I’ve found to “talk shop” with people in a similar situation.

to learn more about web stuff!

I came because of the WOM and stayed because its awesome. One of my favourite FB groups, friendly, helpful and fun with good advice.

To get tips from other like-minded people within the same field of business.

Cause it’s an awesome place to get real feedback and lots of great people.

This is one of the smartest groups on FB. I always know I can come here for reliable info. Of Course!

To learn from other professionals

I bought the WOM, and joined just to see what was up. I’ve learned about some services that I might not have known about otherwise, so that’s been great!

It’s such an incredible resource for support

Kyle provides such great content for so many of us running businesses just like his. I find great value in it.

LOVE meeting like-minded entrepreneurs and comparing notes

To learn from and provide guidance and support to like minded individuals.

The encouragement! I love hearing from people in the same boat.

Because it’s an Awesome community.

Great people with tips that help

I have worked virtually for a very long time and have been primarily self-taught, which isn’t uncommon, and the imposter syndrome is crazy hard to overcome. I’ve found in the Admin Bar a place where I can learn and share and don’t feel the same level of judgement that I do in other groups. The resources and willingness of the members to share and support is beyond anything I’ve seen in other groups. I secretly consider some members of the group as virtual mentors — it’s one of the few places I spend any time when I do log into FB.

I love interacting with likeminded people. I work alone and it’s nice feeling connected to other geeks. 🙂 Plus Kyle is a cool big hearted guy which means the culture is top notch.

To connect with other web designers

A great source for getting tips to help me grow my agency by people who are doing it! I hope I can give back as well.

High-quality members and content

I don’t know if the last entry went through so if I double entered- sorry. 

Great resource, friendly, helpful people

It’s a chill spot to stay connected to people in the WordPress community.

I love to have this place, like a digital wholesome web tavern to hang out and help each other!

The great place to be where all minded designers comes together to elevate everyone and share the best knowledge, experiences and expertise
It’s great being in a supported community where its members face the same challenges and excitements as I do!

Because its really help to start and manage my agency business! THANKS

Thoughtful comments by experts.

To learn from others while also sharing my own knowledge.

This community is quite welcoming and helpful to each other when someone asked a questions or looking for feedback. The overall vibe of the group is quite positive and it is one of the fewer groups where I am looking forward to seeing the posts although I dont participate much.

Good Advice, and great community!

I find the ABC to be a unique and special place where I can find very good and intriguing conversations about the nitty-gritty of freelance/agency web development. I truly do not find these types of conversations happening in other groups. Thank you!

To learn from other like minded individuals

I´m a web designer and I feel that many of us go through very similar problems, doubts and experiences, so I´m always looking forward to reading other people´s experiences and sharing ideas.

I run a web design business

Ah, I’m a WordPress junkie, user, developer and run a small blog at WPStarters.com. Definitely wanna get to know other WordPressy folks!

Yes, i get to learn from other experience

To be a better creative professional and to help support other TABbers

To learn and share what I learned

The WOM is great and the community is so full with knowledge and tips 🙂

To have co-workers to share fun anecdotes, problems and joy with!!

Because it’s a great community of like-minded industry comrades

For community, learning and support!

Top tips and heads ups 🙂

I’m the WOM member.

I was recommended the WOM which I bought and joined the group last year.

A very informative group with many great and helpful people

Hanging out with other “Webworkers” 🙂

“It’s great to be in a community with other website developers and see that I’m not alone in some of the issues faced when building websites or working with clients.

Also fab to know that there’s somewhere I can ask a question if I need advice.”

The place to be to get inspired, ask questions and help others with your expertise.



A laugh

Easy going members

Minimal b*tching (like in other groups)

It’s a great space with focussed, genuine people helping each other and grow their businesses and streamline procedures.

I am starting my own web development business and I believe the admin bar community is the ideal place to learn and share experiences. 

Great tips for my business

Good input from members with a wide range of backgrounds and skills. Kyle keeps it interesting without taking himself too seriously. Real people.

To read feedback about issues other business owners are having and learn from and help each other out

I love the discussions! I’m not on FB as much as I used to be right now, but when I am, the Admin Bar is one thing I always check in on!

to learn about tacos!

Although I don’t contribute anything, the posts on the group are very pertinent. TABers share their processes (that they have ‘harnessed’ and optimized) and handy resources freely without reservation

There’s so much value in the community — and people are so kind to one another (for the most part! ;)). Keep up the great work!

because you rock and your information is spot on and helpful

Enjoy the endless tips and samples of the trade.

It’s the nicest web development community on the internet

The Admin Bar is THE most supportive design group I belong to on FB. Everyone is kind and supportive, not like in other groups where you have to put up w/nasty bs. I’ve learned so much and hope I can repay as much as I’ve been helped.

Constantly provides information needed for me. Keeps me up to date and aware of industry compliance, and I like the people here. 🙂

Because it’s a truly awesome group of people, run by two extraordinary gents and a solid team hell bent on creating brilliant content for us all to learn from and be inspired by. I only wish I had half the drive to do something to this level. 😉

I design and maintain WordPress website, and am currently trying to grow my business. I enjoy listening to The Admin Bar podcast and get some great pointers from your discussions!

To learn from other business owners. That search bar within the group has been an amazing resource! And to contribute more eventually. I’m early on in my journey at the moment.

It’s a great place to learn and share ideas with likeminded people!

Always found valuable resources and info to manage my own agency, and it has a great community…

Collective intelligence, and good humour – great and one of the most, very useful groups I am in!

Great content and ideas

It’s been the best website-guidance FB group I’ve found yet. Everyone in the group seems really smart and passionate about what they do. And so welcoming!

I am on my way to build a Digital Agency and have found the Admin Bar to be a very insightful group.

Great members, great advice, learnt tons.

So much great information being shared all the time!

To meet cool people, and Hans.

I like the friendly conversations surrounding solutions.

I am starting a web design consulting business.

Great community and shared expertise.

Tips tricks funny memes 🤪

Community! In all seriousness, just that + to share ideas, collaborate and meet others in the web design and creative world. Best group I’ve found in a while.

Helpful and informative posts from members. The perfect place for serendipity for anyone who builds websites.

The group supports intelligent, mostly polite, and productive conversation. A definite plus for the bottom line!

It’s an awesome, fun-loving group who are there when you need them and they pick the best GIFs hahahaha

EVERYONE belongs to The Admin Bar community.

I found the group, joined the group, seen the amazing value and knowledge offered by the group and as time went on, realised how great the community is as a whole. It is very well lead, probably by one of the kindest and most genuine admin I have experienced in this sort of groups.

There is no “why”, once you discover TAB, the only question is “why not?”.”

It’s an community of likeminded people that always go out of their way to help each other, learn from each other and grow together.

Honestly it’s one of the friendliest groups on Facebook. I am in many of them, but TAB surpasses them all. Plus Kyle is there and he’s local to me. So I get all the inside comments about life in Granbury. Can’t wait for this dumb virus thing to go away, we can go grab lunch!

It’s fun 🙂 and I love learning more geeky stuff that the members are doing in their businesses.

Outstanding group of folks who truly have a heart to help and spur one another on to greater things.

Only recently found out about you guys from a CartFlows live stream but loving everything iv seen so far!

Because it’s useful

I heard it was a good resource for getting tips & recommendations from other WordPress developers. Admittedly, it’s also nice to see some of the client stories to be reminded that I’m not alone.

Because I love you and Matt!

Love the information and resources, lot’s of great information!

Because I develop websites, and you are a great bunch to be around 🙂

because of the amazing community and value that is given. l have learned so much from purchasing the WOM (thanks kyle fpr making this!) to implementing friday emails, the magic email and so much more. I love the admin bar community!

Because it has THE MOST HELPFUL folks in any WP Community ANYWHERE…

Willing to help anyone who is facing any WP relates issue or obstacle. Or just looking for a suggestion in some cases.

I get ideas and inspiration from other members about how to run my business better, good tools, etc. Plus I love the Happy Hours even though I’m a quiet attendee so far.

I have realised recently how important it is to be part of communities in business, and online as a freelancer. It’s so beneficial to all parties and empowers me in my day-to-day.

Community of people doing the same things that I am 🙂

Because it’s always great to be part of a kickass community who share your kickass values

A fantastic group of like-minded individuals that provide information, help and inspiration.

There are so many good discussions about things that actually matter to me in my business.

Keeps me uptodate on what’s happening in our industry

Big fan and love the community spirit.

Because the group is awesome

A generous and knowledgable community.

It’ s an amazing place filled with awesome linke minded individuals that go through the same struggles. Heaps of great threds and suggestions. Keep up he good work!

Finally a WordPress group devoted to business and tips and tricks

Initially joined when I bought the WOM, but sticked around for the great community of friendly and helpful professionals. 

olid gold! 😉

It’s become my go to place for speaking with like minded people.

Kyle’s wom and perspective on all things wordpress, cms, client servicing.

To learn and connect with other crazy geeks like me!

Learning skills and techniques and providing help to others

Support! Information!

It’s the best group for likeminded developers/designers to chat and learn

For the memes. For real though, agency insights and community.

Great community sharing ideas and solutions to problems, WOM brought me in and gotten so much value from the group.

I trust the advice and discussion in this group. I’m picky with my online resources 🙂

Always great feedback and useful discussions to relevant topics.

It’s actually one of my favourite places on Facebook these days and one of the main reasons to still use it.

Always great to learn something new, get a new perspective on something or just have a good laugh! Really happy to have found this place :))

Great to chat with like-minded people in a similar situation running smaller WordPress agencies!

It’s the best group on FB 💕

I always find helpful tips and info

I live in regional Australia and I needed a place I could hang out with other people in my profession, to learn, laugh, and whinge (not always in that order 🙂 ).

Best group there is mate, minimal bitching, maximum info, good people.

Practical information

I am always looking for additional information and resources for successfully running my business.

I really cannot remember why I joined or how I found the group to be honest, maybe a link was shared in the Beaver or GeneratePress groups but i’m glad to be a small part of it. Definitely my most visited group on Facebook, by a long way.

The Admin Bar is just awesome! There’s a huge range of experiences, learnings, and diverse viewpoints. It’s a delicious mixed cocktail of real substance!

Interesting business-related information.

I love being in the community to learn and network with the best minds in web design. I have learned so much and have loved the products I have purchased from Kyle such as the WOM. It has helped me tremendously in my business. I also love my moster contract that I have purchased from Nathan all because I have heard such great things about them in this amazing group!

Nice people and great advice 🙂

The admin bar is a good mix of connecting with peers, learning and sometimes a good laugh with all the memes floating around. It’s great to be part of a community that you can go to for help or advice and a place to share your experiences with like minded industry professionals.

Community. Ability to learn from peers.

For the ability to share with lovely like–minded people.

To help and connect better 🙂

not sure if it went the first time, kinda closed too fast

We can work an isolating job. Having the Admin Bar to bounce ideas, excitement and frustrations around with other passionate wordpress pros is a fantastic resource.

Tô share and learn. And because Kyle is the man!

Heaps of great info!

I love WP

It’s very motivated group of professionals helping each other out. I’m not afraid to ask silly questions or offer an opinion. I’ve never been spoken down to as a female in tech – coming from a female in law, it’s something I’m used to. Thank you!

I am really trying to learn and what a better way then a community of fun, smart people!

I like being a part of the community because everyone is welcoming and giving with sharing knowledge. It is awesome to read what everyone shares. Plus the main admin is a pretty cool dude!

To learn from and help other community members in the world of web design and development. Thank you all.

Share and receive helpful tips for running a successful business!

Ok, I just wrote a whole thing and then the screen went away and I’m not sure if I submitted it or just clicked out. Here’s a recap: I love being part of a group of other solopreneurs and business owners that I can “talk shop with”. The group is filled with so many thoughtful and kind people that are so eager to help. I also love helping new business owners out. There were so many things I wish I knew when I got started and it’s been such a joy to share them with others. While my engagement has decreased during the pandemic (thanks, burnout), it’s still nice to check in and connect when I have the energy to do so lol. Overall, it feels like an actual community instead of just another group. I feel lucky to be apart of something genuine!

It’s the best FB group ever! Seriously, if I had to keep only 1 FB group, it would be TAB. Thanks Kyle!

because it’s a place where i can comment and assist people on a business level – rather than inexperienced ‘web designers’ whining that i shouldn’t be ‘unkind’… ‘unkind’ btw is telling them how it is…

To share and receive tips on web design, elementary and running an agency.

One of the best FB groups for web stuff

As a solo business owner who is known for undercharging clients for websites, I joined The Admin Bar to gain experience in operating a Web Design Agency while also sharing my knowledge and opinions on trends and topics where I can.

Because I love the community that Kyle and Matt have built and it’s nice to not be a complete hermit.

To be part of such a well educated group that I can turn to, to help further my own knowledge in my transition from graphic designer to supreme Elementor aficionado. Also.. Dave Foy recommended this group.

Because each and every member ads value and entertainment to my life daily.

I’ve just joined. OMG, it’s like an encyclopedia of helpful information.

To get knowledge and also help people

Great group, great people, learn a lot, & help others if I can 🙂

It’s facebook’s most helpful wordpress community!

Because. it’s. AWESOME!!!

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