There’s something simple that separates the average from the successful.

Average people have hopes & dreams.
Successful people have goals & plans.​

Is your business where you ultimately want it to be?

Most of ours aren’t. Most of us want more. The problem is, we’re not entirely sure of what exactly “more” is.

Imagine getting in your car and wanting to go somewhere “better” than where you are now. You start driving, wasting gas, stopping in places only to realize that was no better than where you came from. Now sure how you got here, unsure of which way to go next.

The dream of “somewhere better” is completely subjective. Subjective dreams can never be fulfilled because you cannot measure them.

But when you have a destination in mind, the road becomes clearer. You know what turns you need to make, what obstacles you need to overcome, you’ll know when you’re getting close— you’ll know when you’ve made it.

The same principle applies in business, and I can prove it.

I started my business in January of 2017 with no idea of what may come. All I knew is I wanted to be my own boss and create my own future.

That first year was really tough. I tried a million things. I listened to both good and bad advice. I was on a 12-month roller coaster going from extreme highs to lows that had me questioning my decision to make this entrepreneurial leap.

In 2018, my second year in business, all that changed. I wrote down one simple goal: $100,000 in sales.

I had a new compass— my long-term goal gave me direction, and helped me set short-term goals & milestones that kept me on track… focused on turning my goal into reality.

Not only did I hit that goal, I surpassed it. It wasn’t because of some “killer sales strategy” or the teachings of some “internet guru”… it was because I had clarity of knowing exactly where I was trying to go.

Do you know where you're going?

Start plotting your course today with the Totals & Goals Google Sheet by The Admin Bar.
This easy-to-use, semi-automated system will help you set your goal, break it down into monthly milestones, and give you an at-a-glance look at your progress any time from anywhere.


An easy-to-use, semi-automated way to track your sales goals using Google Sheets.

Tab totals and goals sheet on laptop mockup

All Your Totals at a Glance

Your “at-a-glance” dashboard will allow you to quickly set sales goals for each month. Formulas automatically update and populate your yearly sales goal based on each month.

Set & Track Yearly and Monthly Goals

You can quickly see where you stand each month towards hitting your goals. I’ve (Matt) used this sheet to track my yearly and monthly goals for years, and it really helps light that fire under your butt. When you see you only have $253.00 left to acquire in a month, it’s easy to follow through!

totals and goals yearly at a glance gif
totals and goals month breakdown

Easily track down payments & balances

Easily and quickly suss out what payments haven’t been made and for what projects within your tracking sheet.

See What Folks are Saying
"I don't make websites for clients anymore but I'd have found this INCREDIBLY useful back in the day."
"This is great! Little by little, I hope to own Kyle's entire business plan - $5 at a time"
"This is so helpful for side work as I tend to rest on the laurels of my paying job and not further this business. I set an arbitrary goal for 2019 with no basis on how I’m supposed to get there so something simple like this will work wonders in telling me how I’m performing"
"Are you even allowed to sell a Google Sheet? What I mean is doesn't Google own that and you're in effect borrowing it from them? I really don't know!"
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