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The Journey From WordPress to Webflow

Oct 15, 2021

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The Journey From WordPress to Webflow

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It wasn’t that long ago when I would have considered Dave Foy one of Elementor’s biggest advocates… But all the headaches that come along with their bugginess (and WordPress hassles in general) finally broke him — and he went on the hunt for a solution that could better meet his needs.

Enter Webflow

It wasn’t his first try with Webflow (or the second) that got him hooked — but once he cracked the code he found an exciting new world inside Webflow.

  • No more plugin updates.
  • No more hosting issues.
  • No more fixing broken sites.
  • No more hassle.

He’s now completely abandoned WordPress in favor of Webflow — and he’s here to explain why!

Of course, Webflow isn’t for everyone (and neither of us will be trying to convince you of that!) — but if you’re frustrated by WordPress, annoyed by the constant maintenance, or just a bit curious — then this is the interview for you!

Dave’s going to be explaining what prompted him to make the switch, why he’s convinced it’s the right solution for him, and who else might benefit from trying it out.

I’ll be asking him questions like:

  • Is Webflow better for performance?
  • Why you’d give up open-source?
  • What about complex websites (like eCommerce, membership, custom post types)?
  • Do you own your content or is this just a pretty version of Wix?
  • How steep is the learning curve?
  • What about my beloved care plans?

Plus we’ll leave plenty of time to answer your questions during the live Q&A!

For those that are curious enough to give it a try, Webflow has provided an entire curriculum on how to use their software… But Dave’s taken that a step further with his new course “From WordPress to Webflow” where he’ll help translate the WordPress concepts you’re used to and show you how it works in Webflow.

And as a graduate of his course, I must say — this is his best work yet (and that’s saying something since I think Dave is the best online teacher around).While Webflow University gives you a great overview of how to use the product, Dave has created an entire framework to help you build sites faster, with less stress, and the ultimate scalability!

He recently opened the course as a "soft-launch" for his list (that's how I got it early) and it will officially open up Monday....

But being the swell guy he is, he's giving the TAB community early access starting TODAY, which you can get to by visiting https://theadminbar.com/wp2wf (don’t worry, we’ll keep the pitch to a minimum, like we always do 😊)

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