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👉 Get Kristina’s Outreach & Conversion course:… 👉 Save $50 with the coupon code: OUTBOUND50 How you can grow your care plan income by taking on clients whose websites you didn’t …

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👉 Get Kristina's Outreach & Conversion course:…

👉 Save $50 with the coupon code: OUTBOUND50

How you can grow your care plan income by taking on clients whose websites you didn’t build I think we can all agree that recurring revenue is key — and for agencies and freelancers alike, the quickest path to growing your MRR is through the humble (but mighty!) care plan.

But while the care plan is both advantageous for the customer and profitable for the agency, scaling your roster up can be quite a challenge. For most of us, we only gain a care plan when we complete a site build — instantly limiting how quickly you can grow your more stable sources of income.

Of course, picking up care plans for projects you didn’t build isn’t impossible, it’s not as easy. Do you have a process in place for growing your care plans outside of new builds?

Thanks to Kristina Romero — now I do!

Kristina’s latest course, Care Plan Sales Outreach and Conversions was built specifically to solve this problem. Not only does the course teach you different ways you can perform outreach and sell care plans to customers with existing websites — she gives you everything you need to do it!

The 20-video course also includes; systems, email scripts, blog templates, checklists, scope of work documents, & detailed processes — everything you need to have a full-fledged outreach plan for growing your recurring revenue! Want to learn more?

Listen to Kristina and me in a live interview from Friday, January 21st as we discuss the challenges that come with scaling your care plan roster, where most agencies go wrong, and the golden opportunities that are out there just waiting for you!

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