Stana Neuman

The Admin Bar Member of the Month — February, 2020

Who is Stana Neuman?

My introduction to a programing language came when my first two computers were given to me by my middle school principal. A Commodore 64 and one of those big boxes with a 12” monitor and two 8” floppy drives (possibly a TRS80 Model II). I spent hours trying to decipher BASIC. I never did get the hang of BASIC, but those two computers are what piqued my interest in the digital world.

Once I realized that I enjoyed designing websites, I earned an Associates Degree in Web Development. I quickly learned that, what you learn today, is non-existent tomorrow. Since then, I’ve been a life long learner in everything web.

Early on, I saw a need for affordable web development for the local businesses within our community, and that is when I started my own business. I’ve had a lot of help along the way, but my biggest supporter has been my husband.

When I’m not sitting in front of the computer for hours on end, I am repairing bikes, and helping customers find the right bike for their needs. Due to my passion for cycling and everything bikes, my collection has turned into a bike shop.

Over the years, I’ve had unsolicited help, support, and guidance from numerous people within this industry. Whether it be a haha funny, sarcasm, or a recommendation, TAB has given me the opportunity to return the favor. All while keeping me in suspense for the next person to post.

Why we chose Stana Neuman

Stana has been an outstanding member of The Admin Bar community for over a year now. We chose her for Member of the Month because she is continuously providing feedback, helping people out, and cheering folks up with her good spirits (and a funny meme here or there too!).

Thank you Stana for your dedication to the community and making this a great place to hang out and for sharing your wisdom with us along the way!

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