Matt Davies

The Admin Bar Member of the Month — December, 2019

Who is Matt Davies?

Matt has many years of experience as a web designer, marketer and agency owner. He first used WordPress at the end of the summer in 2003, and has loved seeing the progress over the last 16 years to make it the wonderful tool that it is today.

After firing all of his clients in February 2019, Matt turned towards helping others, creating Funnel Packs with his partner Mel. You’ve probably heard about Funnel Packs by now… it’s only been mentioned a few times in The Admin Bar right?

The kind people at TAB asked Matt to write this bio, so Matt would like to let you know how much he enjoys interacting with you all on a regular basis. The Admin Bar is a wonderful place, full of great people who are only too happy to share their wisdom.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys geocaching, watching football and board games. Matt enjoys travelling and fun-filled adventures with Mel. He is even looking forward to having a house filled with dogs, as Mel isn’t able to stop at 1.

One of Matt’s goals in life, is to complete a photographic A-Z tour of cities across Europe, which he’ll hopefully actually start one day soon…

Why we chose Matt Davies

There are very few people on the planet like Matt Davies. He’s consistently on our top contributors list— and not just for his amazing ability for a perfectly placed GIF.  Matt has loads of agency experience, and is always willing to help people by offering advice from his wealth of experience & knowledge. His personal mantra of “Kindness First” always shines through even in an online world where it seems that anonymity breeds trolls.

Over the past couple years of getting to know Matt, I cannot tell you how many times he’s helped me out, offered advice, or just been someone I know I could turn to— and I see him doing the same thing for so many others every day.

Matt has put a special emphasis on helping people who struggle with mental health— something that doesn’t get talked about often enough. He’s been open and honest about his own struggles, a source of inspiration, and continues to be someone you can turn to if you are ever in need of support.

The Admin Bar, the WordPress community, and the world all benefits from his presence.

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