Doug Seidl

The Admin Bar Member of the Month — January, 2020

Who is Doug Seidl?

I’ve been a professional “Web Designer” for almost 20 years now, starting in 2000 when I graduated from art/design school with my Bachelors degree (with emphasis in Illustration).

Throughout the 2000’s, the world of Web Design felt like the Wild West. This is where I got my chops… coding, CSS, grid frameworks, client relations, marketing, etc. Somewhere along the way, I was lucky enough to design a website for Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield too!

While I enjoyed my design day job, I also enjoyed pursuing my art and illustration career as a side pursuit. This led me to art/craft markets, shows, comic-cons, galleries, selling on Etsy, and winning both local and national awards. And since I’m mentioning brushes with celebrity, I can’t NOT mention the opportunity I had to do a painting for Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine (only metal fans will know)!

I eventually started my own business, and the idea of doing anything else seems crazy to me now. I couldn’t do it without the amazing support and inspiration I get from my wife, and 2 kids!

Every day while I’m working, TAB is never far away right there in my second monitor. I feel that TAB is honestly one of the best groups out there for people in our industry. It’s such a high quality group with so many knowledgeable and friendly people. It can be lonely working for yourself, but TAB is like my water-cooler… where I can just hang out with my coworkers swapping stories and wisdom. Thanks to you all!

Why we chose Doug Seidl

Doug joined The Admin Bar just about a year ago— and he’s consistently one of the stand-out members. It’s immediate right away in his responses that he has a vast amount of experience and knowledge (which is supported by the fact that he’s been in the game almost 20 years).

Whether it’s sharing new tools, helping fellow agency owners find a way forward, or just having a laugh— you can look forward to an excellent post or comment every time.

Doug has been even more active this month, coming up #2 on the top-contributors board— but it was  his response to it that really struck me…

When I see myself on a list like this, I’m forced to evaluate it a bit. Am I spending “too much time on social media” as some might think? lol Is it worthwhile?

After a bit of reflection… I have determined that it is totally worth it. And here’s why.

1) I work alone down in my basement office. When you think about how many hours I spend doing this, isn’t it healthy to want to get at least some social interaction for one’s sanity?

2) Unlike when I was working for “the man”, I don’t have co-workers to joke around with, ask questions of, or shoot Nerf guns at. I realize that you are a lot like my co-workers… except WAY better, because you actually get what I do and have good taste. Though I can’t Nerf you 🙁

3) This group has been an invaluable learning resource for me. What is the value of that? I’m not sure… but I know I can usually get great answers to any questions that might come up in our line of work.

4) Inspiration. In addition to being a resource to learn from, this group often opens my eyes to new things that I might not have considered before on my own.

Conclusion… totally worth it!

Thank you Doug for your commitment to helping out your fellow developers and for continually adding value to the group!


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