Members of the Month

What's a "Member of the Month"?

Member of the Month was created in December of 2019 as a way for us to recognize the amazing men and women of The Admin Bar who consistently bring value to the group by sharing their expertise, wisdom, and (of course) laughs.

Learn a little bit about our growing list of featured members and join us in celebrating these fine folks.

The admin bar member of the month
Stana next to R2D2

Stana Neuman

Stana is continuously providing feedback, helping people out, and cheering folks up with her good spirits (and a funny meme here or there too!).

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Doub Seidl

Doug Seidl

Whether it’s sharing new tools, helping fellow agency owners find a way forward, or just having a laugh— you can look forward to an excellent post or comment every time.

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Matt Davies

Matt Davies

There are very few people on the planet like Matt Davies. He’s consistently on our top contributors list— and not just for his amazing ability for a perfectly placed GIF.  Matt has loads of agency experience, and is always willing to help people by offering advice from his wealth of experience & knowledge.

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