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Issue #32
May 14, 2021

Today is the last day to get in your application for 2 of the upcoming TABLEs that will be starting in June — and there are just a couple of seats left to fill.

Several people have asked about any reviews of the program, and luckily a few were posted in the group this week...

“I'm part of the first group i.e. Table #1 and it has transformed my business in only a few weeks. The support is amazing with my fellow members. I've gained clarity for my business. The value goes over and beyond the price of the monthly membership. It is SO worth joining. The group is totally different than other mastermind / membership-like groups I've joined.”

“In just a short time the group has really helped me view my processes in a whole different way. It is absolutely worth the time and financial investment.”

“I'm also in TABLE #1 right now and it's been beyond helpful to connect with others in my field, share wins/struggles/goals, have accountability, and share strategies. I have already implemented suggestions from others in the group. Kyle is a great facilitator and keeps us on track and organized. Check it out for sure!”

If you could use a more close-knit group of people to meet with regularly, brainstorm & share ideas, and help hold you accountable — then it might just be right for you.

Learn more, see if there's a TABLE for you, and fill in your application here.

🔥 Inside The Group

Handling plugin costs for clients
Alyssa created a poll asking people how they handle plugin licenses on client sites, and how they pass along the costs. One clear winner, but not all agree!

Do you develop locally?
Are you better off using a local environment to develop sites? Or spinning up new installs on a live server? See how others are doing it.

How (and why) to charge for discovery
Hans from Termageddon put together an absolutely KILLER resource and SOP on how to run and charge for discovery sessions with your clients. Download your copy for free, no opt-in required! Thanks Hans!

Looking in the mirror
Shane had a customer go 10 months without paying him for his care plan, only to find out they moved platforms and started using another vendor. Instead of being mad, he's taking a look in the mirror. A great little reminder.

1st, 2nd, or 3rd person?
Catherine asks if you prefer to use the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person when writing copy for your (or a clients) website. Does the type of business change your preference?

📰 In Other News

The Power of Having a Success Partner
A success partner is somebody who’s there to celebrate the wins and overcome challenges with. They’re there to help you figure out how to grow your business and help you along the stages you need to take to reach your goal.

How to Build a Checkout Page that Converts
Five things you can do to create a smooth checkout process that will help any eCommerce business get more conversions on their online store.

How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn & Attract Your Ideal Clients
No longer just the place to try and find a new job, LinkedIn can help digital agency owners gain serious traction in their niche, attract the attention they deserve, and yes, even win new clients on it.

🧐 From Around the Web

👋 Before You Go

I mentioned this on Twitter earlier this week, but back on the 3rd of May, I started a challenge (along with a few other folks) that "gamifies" the lead generation process. I'm now just about two weeks into the 3-week challenge, and in the 4+ years of running my agency, my pipeline has never been so full.

Competition (with others or just with yourself) isn't a motivator for everyone, but being intentional and tracking your efforts is a great way to accomplish things.

If you're like most agencies, then you let the work come to you.

That sounds great (in theory), but what it actually means is that you have little to no control over both the quantity and quality of leads in your pipeline.

I've been in that situation and felt obligated to take on jobs that I knew were a bad fit.

But being intentional about finding leads and filling your pipeline gives you a lot of freedom and more choices on what projects to get involved in.

This week has brought me two big projects that I'm absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work on — and neither one of them would have just "come to me" no matter how long I sat there waiting.

Keep your eyes open for opportunity and go get it!

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Kyle Van Deusen


Kyle is the co-host of The Admin Bar, the owner of a agency of one called OGAL Web Design and the co-founder of Docket WP. You’ll likely find him trolling The Admin Bar community.

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