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Issue #29
Apr 23, 2021

This week we, unfortunately, had someone post in the group sharing an entire system they've built around a scheme of reselling LTD's — and shockingly bragging about doing it for a profit.

This is not only a violation of most terms of use you agree to when you buy a software license — it's just wrong.

Thankfully this person has realized it was a mistake... but let's talk about why that is...

LTD's are risky for both the people buying and selling.

Sellers are giving up future income in order to get early adopters in the door. Keep in mind this doesn't always work out in their favor — and not having ongoing revenue often tanks these companies.

Buyers are taking a risk on an unproven piece of software hoping that their discounted investment will pay off. It's always a bit of a gamble — but that's the point. You're being asked to gamble — and if you buy, you're accepting that wager.

Reselling your license not only costs the software developer a potential future sale, but it often means they will have to support a brand new customer that didn't pay them for the service. New users are typically the ones that request the most help.

Keep in mind, especially in the WordPress space, these software developers aren't usually some big, faceless corporation — they are often independent folks (a lot of them web agency owners themselves) that have worked hard to put something out in the world that people can benefit from.

I noticed several pieces of software listed in the post that spurred this conversation were created by people from our community.

You're not getting one over on some corporate schmuck, you're stealing from someone a lot like you.

If you need to set up an elaborate system to track, rate, and resell your software licenses, it might be time to address your issue of self-control.

Tools are very rarely the thing that's holding you back, and nothing on AppSumo is a magical pill that will solve your problems.

Just because you can't resist a shiny object doesn't mean it's okay for you to screw other people to make up for your bad decisions.

Make use of the refund period, take the loss, or maybe just don't buy so much shit hoping it will make all your problems disappear.

Like the person who posted this, I learned these lessons the hard way, and I've been just as guilty (which is probably why I feel passionate about sharing this).

Early on in TAB I recreated a system similar to a platform that was on AppSumo, labeled it an “alternative”, and was offering it free to the group.

I'm honestly not sure if I violated any terms or laws — but when I got a phone call from the software developer himself, none of that mattered.

I felt like a giant stinky turd when I realized it was a human on the other end of what I was doing and that I was taking advantage of him and the hours, months, and years he had put into building his product.

I’m not preaching — I’ve just already learned this lesson the hard (and embarrassing!) way. Hopefully you already know better — but if not, maybe this email will serve as a lesson to guide your future decisions.

🔥 Inside The Group

Simple client dashboard
Matt shared a custom analytics and file asset dashboard he created for his customers. Check it out for yourself, and login to see real life data.

Your daily routine
Do you have a daily routine? Some folks crave the structure while others feel constrained. Interesting to hear how people structure their days.

Avoiding duplicate content issues
Emilie has a scenario where she needs to post content on two different URLs, the group chimes in with advice on canonical URLs (which can be handy if you're not familiar)

Recording calls with prospects
Hans shares why recording calls with your prospects is the "secret sauce" better understanding their needs, writing better proposals, and analyzing your own techniques.

Would you start over with WordPress?
Thomas wants to know, if you had to start your agency completely over, would you still build in WordPress?  Why or why not?

📰 In Other News

Change is Okay!
This week Matt and I recorded our first podcast in a few months, discussing why it's okay (and sometimes necessary!) to pivot your business.

What's the best day to launch a website, and why is it Tuesday?
After being inspired by a thread in the group, I did a little detective work and figured out the best day of the week to launch a website.

Are in-person meetings a new opportunity?
As we try and get out of this pandemic, most agencies are going to stick with virtual meetings going forward (according to our poll) — could in-person meetings be enough to set you apart?

🧐 From Around the Web

👋 Before You Go

On April 28th, Colleen Gratzer is going to be going live with Jonathan from Permaslug (both members of the TAB family) to discuss "Why you should care about accessibility".

It's a topic I have every intention of spending more time on, but seems to always get pushed to the backburner (and I suspect there are a lot like me in this sense).

You can catch the livestream and set a reminder here.

Jonathan produces some really great content (most often times about Oxygen) and Colleen is always my go-to with accessibility questions — should be an interesting chat!

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Kyle Van Deusen


Kyle is the co-host of The Admin Bar, the owner of a agency of one called OGAL Web Design and the co-founder of Docket WP. You’ll likely find him trolling The Admin Bar community.

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