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Issue #27
Apr 9, 2021

Last year (2020) I set the goal of reading 6 books by the end of the year —  I know, hardly a feat for anyone who reads... But, the truth is, I hadn't finished 6 books in the last 10 years combined.

Through both making time to read, and finding topics that interested me, reading went from a chore to something I really enjoy doing (I actually ended up reading 12 last year and am on my 6th of 2021).

Someone asked me this week if I have a "recommended reading" list — and that's something I'd like to put together... But I thought I'd start with 3 that are absolute gems.

If the idea of a big office full of your employees gives you more anxiety than excitement, then  you'll enjoy how Company of One helps you understand how you can stay "small" and still be successful.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you're wanting to grow a company (bigger than yourself), then The E-Myth Revisited is an absolute must read (the "e" is for entrepreneur)

If you love your craft, but hate boring things like "bookkeeping", then check out Profit First, which is a easy-to-follow system for building a profitable company without having to become an accountant.

I'll work on a complete list to post on the website sometime soon!

🔥 Inside The Group

Finding clarity on value based pricing
Over the past weekend I went down a rabbit hole of content exploring value based pricing.  While I don't think I'm quite there yet, I shared a few things I got clarity on.

Balancing your Cloudways servers
One of the hard parts about understanding Cloudways pricing is how many sites you can put on each server. Faye asked how folks are balancing their servers to ensure they all run smooth.

Big round numbers, or something more precise?
Selene polled the group to ask if they send out quotes with big round numbers (that end in "0") or something more precise. It led to some interested talk on why you'd want to choose either.

What makes a "good" client?
I asked the group to give me some characteristics of what makes a "good" client.  It's interesting to see what folks value the most.

Is Google punishing for lazy-loading?
Paul's SEO person told him to turn off lazy-loading because Google is penalizing sites for it. Could that be true? Some SEO experts weight in (spoiler alert, it's not that black and white).

Agency takes over, takes credit
After parting ways with a client, Michele noticed that the new agency looking after her old client's site had removed her footer credit and replaced it with their own. Michele confronted the agency, and shared the result in the comments.

📰 In Other News

How To Sell Copywriting Services To Your Clients
You're probably still waiting on content from a client right now, aren't you? Abby shares how you can overcome client's objections to having their copy professionally written (and how you can make money doing it!).

First "TABLE" set to start in May
Invitations to the first 'TABLE' (our small mastermind / accountability groups) will go out later today, with the hopes of having the first TABLE start by May. The goal is to open 4 more by the end of 2021.

Opportunities available
If you'd like to pick up a little extra work, there are quite a few jobs posted on the job board, including; logo design, PHP developer, Javascript developer, web design, project management, and more!

🧐 From Around the Web

  • Profile Pic Maker will help you create fun profile pics by removing the background and replacing it with tons of options.
  • Nick Gulic posted an article talking about our industry's problem with magic bullets and messiahs.
  • Deposit Photos released a free image background removal tool that works pretty well!

👋 Before You Go

I got some fantastic feedback in a DM this week from one of the group members who used the User Profiles Worksheet I put together (available for free here) a while back.

Since we talked about "discovery" on this month's Happy Hour call, I figured it was worth mentioning again in case you need another little asset to help get your paid discovery process up and running.

I hope you find it useful! Have a fantastic weekend!

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