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Issue #24
Mar 19, 2021

This week I had a prospect email me asking if I could help them build a website. He provided an example of what he was wanting (a website he found online) and wanted to know a price.

As usual, I sent him my standard reply letting him know I would love to learn more about his project and get him a price. I explained my entire process for making this happen — which starts with him filling in my project inquiry form.

Here's how he replied:

I believe you already have all the information you’re going to need to quote me so I’ll look forward to get the total cost soon.

Yep, that is a classic red flag! 🚩

Customers who don't respect your processes are sure to be a nightmare. Could I have given him a rough ballpark off what he sent me?  Probably.

But knowing he refused the very first request I made told me everything I needed to know about this project, and I politely declined.

It can be hard to turn away work when you're getting started... but it ends up being one of the most satisfying things you can do.

Knowing who is not a good fit is just as important as knowing who is.

🔥 Inside The Group

Offering Email: Easy upsell? Or Instant regret?
John shared with us how he's upselling his clients to Rackspace email accounts and it's really adding up. But are the support concerns worth the extra income?

Are these old blog posts worth keeping?
Gen has some old blog posts that rank, but the keywords are no longer relevant to her business. What's the best move?

Email script for selling an SEO Audit
I had a prospect come to me asking about my rate for SEO services, and I informed him we'd need to do an audit first. Here's what I used to sell it.

What's your go-to transactional email service?
Shelley's client had a spike over over 800 emails in a day and exceeded her Gmail sending limits. What's the consensus best transactional email service?

Not so accessible with AccessiBe
Users with disabilities are finding that AccessiBe's systems actually make websites harder to use. Seems like nothing beats a human using best practices.

📰 In Other News

The Best Web-Based Image Compression Services Compared
I put 5 of the most popular web-based image compression tools to the test. We had a clear winner, but all of them we're great at one thing or another.

Free Email Template for Clients Post-Launch
After noticing my client didn't bother to put his brand new website URL on his social profiles, I decided a nice little (reusable) email that educated them on how to promote their website was in order.  It's yours to use, if you wish.

This AppSumo deal is a hard-pass from me
After seeing people talk about AI copywriting for months, I decided to give the Writesonic AppSumo deal a shot... You be the judge.

🧐 From Around the Web

  • Dave Foy is building a WordPress to Webflow course. From what I've seen, it looks awesome (and will translate well to Oxygen)
  • Screenstab turns your boring screenshots into something more interesting.
  • Cloudways launched a new Web Core Vitals testing tool.
  • Chris Castillo shared a little hack for improving your Largest Contentful Paint by around 50%.

👋 Before You Go

Next Thursday (March 25th), I'll be joining my good friend Paul C. over at WP Tuts on his YouTube channel for a live conversation.

We got a lot of stuff to cover; recurring revenue, care plans, Elementor's ups-and-downs, Oxygen... I'm sure that's just scratching the surface as to what we'll dive into

Here's a link where you can sign up to get notified.

I've never been on a channel with nearly 100K subscribers before — and I'm a little nervous! I'd love to have you there in the chat for your support!

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Kyle Van Deusen


Kyle is the co-host of The Admin Bar, the owner of a agency of one called OGAL Web Design and the co-founder of Docket WP. You’ll likely find him trolling The Admin Bar community.

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