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Issue #23
Mar 12, 2021

"This Week in TAB" was, admittedly, a pretty lazy little title for this newsletter. Not my most original idea, anyway 😉

But since it's here to stay, I thought it was time to step up the game.

After running a few ideas by Matt Davies, he came up with "The Friday Chaser" and it was game over. Pretty good, right?

But it's not just a new logo at the top of this email, I'm also going to be archiving these emails on our website. My hope is that it will make all this information more easy to find and access after you've lost the email in your inbox.

Hopefully this allows some of the great conversations we've had in the group live a little longer and help out a few more people.

With that—let's get to this week's greatest hits...

🔥 Inside The Group

Publishing your pricing
David asks how many people publish their pricing and why or why not. As someone who does, I can say there are downsides to it as well. Interesting to read people's perspectives.

Where do you draw the line?
Erika asks where you draw the line on the types of projects you won't take on. Are there people or industries you just won't touch?

Unlimited revisions? Not anymore!
After, what sounds like, a very difficult client, Chris has had to implement a limit to the number of revisions on a project. If you haven't had one of these clients yet, this may be the cautionary tale you need!

Clients wanting to dictate pricing
Jordan gave his customer a very fair bid... but the customer is playing hardball and trying to get him to come down on everything.

Telling clients to "hurry up"!
Dealing with a stalled project is frustrating... but how can you kindly get a client to work and stop dragging their feet?

Engaging non-engaged care plan clients
How do you handle clients on your care plan who aren't engaged? Do you become more proactive? Or let their website become "dated"?

📰 In Other News

The Admin Bar is now powered by Oxygen!
Monday afternoon we made the decision to make the switch, and I spent the next 48 hours rebuilding our site from Elementor to Oxygen. Worth. Every. Second.

On The Kim Doyal Show!
It's always a pleasure to hang out with Kim — and recently she had me on her podcast where we covered about 100 topics. A fun little chat!

🧐 From Around the Web

  • The greatness of The Magic Email has shown up again, so I thought I'd share it for anyone who hasn't been introduced.
  • WordPress 5.7 released... have you been brave enough to try it out yet?
  • WebARX is now Patchstack — learn why.
  • SkipDNS makes migrations much easier — allowing you to view a migrated website on its domain before you push it live.

👋 Before You Go

I've gotten a ton of questions about the process of rebuilding the TAB website with Oxygen... and I learned a lot in the process of doing it.

Next week I plan on putting together a video covering my favorite features of the rebuild and some of the really neat things I was able to accomplish that the site was lacking before.

Can't wait to show you!

That's all for today — have an awesome weekend, folks!

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Kyle Van Deusen


Kyle is the co-host of The Admin Bar, the owner of a agency of one called OGAL Web Design and the co-founder of Docket WP. You’ll likely find him trolling The Admin Bar community.

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