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Issue #19
Feb 12, 2021

This week someone commented about how people using “combined experience” in their marketing (the result of adding every individual’s experience together) bothered him.

I get why this can be a misleading metric. Would you rather get help from 50 people with 1 year’s worth of experience? Or one person with 50 years? Both equal 50, but in totally different ways.

However, this week’s Happy Hour call made me look at this differently.

This month’s topic was marketing and client acquisition strategies—and there were about 60 people on the Zoom call from all over the globe. Some that have been doing this for years, and some that are just getting started on their journey.

During the call I saw the power of combined experience in action.

Not for its total years—but for its diversity.

Sean shared how becoming a certified minority-owned business has opened doors to projects he otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

Eric shared the network he's been able to tap into as a USMC veteran.

We had Leanne who didn't find her local BNI group useful, and Caryn who has had outstanding success.

These different viewpoints helped us see things in a different light, and perhaps, find opportunities we didn't know existed.

One person with 50 years of experience has seen a lot — there’s no doubt that is valuable — but they’ve only seen it from one point of view; their own.

What’s really powerful isn't the combined experience of the members of our community, it's the diversity in experience that’s available, and freely shared, on threads and inside comment strings every day.

I just want to thank all of you for being so generous, to share your point of view and invite people to take time to entertain perspectives beyond their own.

Whether you’ve been doing this for 50 years or for 5 days, you bring a unique perspective to the conversation, and we can all benefit from learning from you.

Y'all give me new perspectives and ways to look at things that I would have never considered on my own—and I'm extremely grateful.

🔥 Inside The Group

The Browser Extension That Replaces Many Others!
This week I found Hoverify (thanks Nilesh!), which is an amazing browser extension that has an awesome inspector, color picker, screen grabber, and more—all built into one! Plus the UI is really great.

Elementor's New Pricing Structure
Okay, so you probably already heard about this, but Elementor is raising their prices for new customers pretty significantly.

We All Start Somewhere
I recently came across an email from when I "sold" my first WordPress project. It's both embarrassing, and a great reminder that we all start somewhere and look how far we've come!

Anxiety from a Red-Flag Client
Karen was experiencing some anxiety before having a meeting with a client who's been flaky. Great pep talk from the group, and you can see how it turned out.

Better Organization for Your Bookmarks
Sean shared Raindrop.io, and all-in-one bookmark manager that looks really great. Several folks in the group are already using it.

Calling Navs "Tabs"
In the textbook definition of a "pet peeve", Kris has lost it with clients calling navigation menu items "tabs" ?. Do your clients do this too? Mine do!

📰 In Other News

User Profiles Worksheet
I created a dead-simple solution for helping clients plan their priority content. Download your copy for free!

Sale on Care Plan Training
A All the courses over at WP Care Market are 10% off for the month of February. You can stack the savings if you're a WOM customer (login to your WOM account for discount codes).

🧐 From Around the Web

  • WordPress powering more than 40% of Alexa top 10 Million websites.
  • GoDaddy continues to invest in the developer/agency market (despite a real uphill battle against their reputation). Not gonna lie, this looks kinda cool.
  • 10 alternatives to Google Analytics for better speed and/or privacy.
  • This web page word counter tool is simple, but I use it all the time. Worth a bookmark!
  • Adam Silver is offering TAB folks 50% off his cold outreach email sequence. You can find it about half way down this page and use the coupon code: theadminbar

👋 Before You Go

If you think you could benefit from more diversity of experience in your agency or on your next project, check out Underrepresented in Tech (co-founded by a TAB member, Michelle Frechette).

From their website:


Underrepresented in Tech was designed and built with the goal of demystifying diversity. Fear of tokenization and awkwardness blocks many leaders from reaching out to diverse individuals. This roadblock prevents amazing people from finding amazing opportunities. We built this tool so that if you want to prioritize diversity, you can.

Kyle's Headshot

Kyle Van Deusen


Kyle is the co-host of The Admin Bar, the owner of a agency of one called OGAL Web Design and the co-founder of Docket WP. You’ll likely find him trolling The Admin Bar community.

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